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Those Darn Kids and Their Video Games (and Axe Spray)

Despite all the Xboxes, Wiis, iphones, ipods, cable tv and 24 hour cartoons it seems that our kids can always find some activity to do. I remember, as a child, playing for hours outside just making stuff up on our bikes, using finger guns for cowboys and indians, cops and robbers and just being outside all day. I am very glad to see that despite all the distractions it seems that the tradition is carrying on. In fact sometimes it carries on all night long, as we find out the morning after. But that’s a blog for another time.

Sure there are some minor changes, instead of talking to their friends on the ivory corded phone hanging on the kitchen wall, they are texting, status updating and chatting; instead of blackened stained blisters on the inside of their thumb from the Atari Joystick, they are jumping between the Xbox and Wii and playing with friends all over the world;  instead of watching the snow on the black and white tv while scarfing a bowl of Trix, waiting for Saturday morning cartoons, they have dozens of channels to choose from, or instant favorites from the internet; and instead of the scent of Polo or Obsession lingering around the house, the halls are now gagged with the odor of Axe.

In the past I have blogged about their exterior activities, but this time was little different. The teen boys had been outside for hours, and when I went out to investigate this video shows what I saw. Perhaps it is more “X Games” and Axe games then I recall, but at least they are doing something.

Happy Valentine’s & The Don’t Song.

I just received this video from my beloved brother-in-law. They have nothing better to do in North Pole than to surf youtube looking for good videos. Anyway, I thought it was extremely appropriate for Valentine’s Day and I thought I should share it with all of you. It contains sage advice, advice that should be heeded and cherished. They put the advice to music so that you will be able to sing along and remember it, much like the alphabet, which every DUI I ever dealt with had to sing to complete. So for you entertainment, education, and enjoyment I present to you The Don’t Song.

The Government Can

I have a couple new posts waiting in the wings, but I am waiting for some pics. I am also working on the Christmas letter, but that takes time and approval from my editor for fact checking. So until then, I figured I would share one of my recent favorite videos with you. I really like the dancing in here, but if you listen closely to the lyrics, they are right on. I dare you to watch the whole thing, if you do,you will be humming or singing it all day.

We really appreciate it!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. I really think it helps, and I am not just saying that. Second, I want to give everyone a quick update, Jo is still with us this week and it looks like she will be with us until Sunday.  After that, we will only have her from Friday to Sunday, and I don’t know how long that will last. We are struggling between what is best for Jo, and what we can stand emotionally. I know I have felt spent the last week, physically, mentally and spiritually. Just flat wore out, as they say back in Tra’s home town, and I am hoping for a renewal this weekend. 

Third, and I hate to harp on this because I know everyone is busy, believe me, but it seems that we have hit an extremely busy portion of our year. As you have seen, Dorian started basketball with practices every day at different times just to make it fun, I am coaching Ben’s basketball  team with practices, and then games at least twice a week, Alli, Olivia, and Kassie are all doing dance, two high school classes every day, therapy, Dr. appointments….. just like everyone else. Oh and to top it off, Tra got a flat on her brand new tire, a blow out on the sidewall, so she has been driving the van, all 11 miles per gallon of it.

So today I left for work at 0630, after trading for  an hour and 1/2, then got home at 4:30, took Livy straight to dance by 4:50, went and coached Ben’s game at 5:30, drove 20 miles from there to Nikiski to watch the end of Dorian’s game, drove 40 minutes home from his game to eat from 8:20 to 8:35, left home and went to dance and picked up Alli and Chloe, drove Chloe home, came home with Alli and did stock research till now, 10 pm. 

Without complaining, I just haven’t had time to work on doing a good family post and I feel bad. Pretty much every day this week has been like this, and maybe it is a good thing. Maybe it helps keep my mind occupied, but man I am just plumb drained this week. To make matters worse, we have noticed a change in Jo, and we think she senses something is going on, so please continue to pray for her. Tomorrow, Friday, I think I will have some time to do a good post, no basketball games, just dance, school, practice and getting a tire replaced.

So now that I have bummed you out, I will include a video I found particularly funny. Of course that doesn’t mean anything because, as many of you already know,  I have a particularly sick sense of humor. I really, really get a kick out of the cameraman, the fact that he is laughing just slays me, because, as ashamed as I am to admit it, that would’ve probably been me.

Need a laugh.

Update on Dorian, his second game he had four points, a rebound, an assist and a blocked shot!! So they called a foul on the block shot, but it was sweet, especially for the second smallest guy on the team. He swatted that shot right out of play, even his team mates were shouting about it. That has always been one of his favorite things to do, block shots. Well, it has been a while since I posted a video not about “the family” so I figure it was about time. This is Thor Ramsey and he is pretty funny. I can relate to a lot of what he says so that makes him all the more funnier to me.  There are some great christian comedians out there and he is one of them. So if you are in the mood for a laugh click on the video below and enjoy. The video is just under 5  minutes long. Oh, btw, they won their game again and he plays again today!

Have you ever had days like this?

I was going to analyze this video and put it into a real life situation, but I don’t think it is required. This is obviously taken in Alaska ( for us Alaskans wink wink) so for those of you lower 48ers that are now reading this, you get a taste of what we see every day ( wink wink). I have been on both sides of this epic battle between fin and fowl. I have won many times, and lost many more. At the risk of sounding a little mushy ( and after posting some of my very masculine college pictures, this could confuse some) this video is cute. I usually hate cute videos, but for some odd reason, I liked this one. I guess it shouts out life lessons and morals, like never give up, never surrender, always try your hardest, you can’t teach on old dog new tricks, yada yada yada.

However, I like my moral: If you’re gonna have wings and not fly, you better have a plan B.

Please for you to enjoy.

The Real Bering Sea

My last mushy post brought me back to my days of working the Bering Sea. When I first got hired as a Wildlife Trooper, back in 96, I was assigned to Kodiak aboard the 121 foot Patrol Vessel Woldstad. In case you didn’t know, I grew up commercial fishing out of Kodiak from the time I was 5 till about 25. I love the ocean, I love the scenery, the smell, the long days and the hum of the diesel engine. That hum has helped me have some of the best nights of sleep I ever remember. I digress. During my time as Mate aboard the Woldstad, I would be gone from home 120-145 days a year. Which means Tracy would hit the local Walmart and coffee shops about 6 times a day. Work wise, those were great times. Family wise, they could be very exciting, and very very stressful. The excitement comes from the anticipation of seeing your family after no phone calls, no email, no nada. I tell you the anticipation would make my heart patter and my face flush. It was awesome. However, I would be the disruptor of the household. Tracy would have a system worked out with me gone and poof!! here I was messing it all up. Then as soon as we would get in a good groove, poof!! I was gone again. It was a vicious cycle. But exciting.

Now how did I get on that topic? Oh well I just wanted to introduce a video. I took this video  during my last year on the Woldstad. Most of it came from my last trip on the Woldstad. It definitely was one to remember. To put it in perspective, when we had a patrol scheduled in Bristol Bay for one of the crab fisheries, we had a minimum of 3 full 24 hours a day travel. That is if the weather was cooperative. If not, you can add days to the trip.

What you will see, if you persevere, is some gnarly weather. Most of it occurs in the Bering Sea, where the Deadliest Catch is filmed. I spent many many loooonnnnggg nights in those waters. But I remember saying to myself right in the middle of a particularly nasty storm, in the midst of misery, “this is still much better than being at a desk!” So now, I sit at a desk. But at least I am not away from home much, which is a very good thing! Some of it is actually on the South Peninsula near Chignik I believe. Near the end you will see some winds that were peaking at 90-100 knots. That is the equivalent of about 115 mph. When wind blows like that it lists the boat, and makes it impossible to hear. It instantly filled our Mustang suits and rain gear with air the second we stepped outside. To communicate we had to put our mouth on the guy next to us ear and yell as loud as we could. It was great! I wish I had a video of the buoy we attached to the anchor. It weighed about 15 pounds, but when we took it outside, it flew like it had helium in it. Oh, we never did get the anchor set. You’ll see what I am talking about. 

I have great stories ( at least in my mind they are great and getting better with age) about each section of this video. I won’t bore you with them now, but if you buy me a s/f white chocolate americano, I will spill the beans. Please enjoy my version of “The Deadliest Catch”, “The Somewhat Precocious Patrol Boat”, set to the tune of one of my all time favorite songs, which I often murder on Karaoke, but I never give up trying.