The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Christmas Letter 2017

Here we are again, another year another post, the same old story. I wish that I could say we had some cool stuff happen this year, but alas, twas just another year. We ate too much, didn’t sleep enough, watched too much TV, stared at our phones too much and poof, it’s 2018. I’ll see if we can dig up something interesting…..

Have you ever seen the movie Tommy Boy? If not, enjoy this snippit, if so, enjoy this memory.

What the heck does this have to do with a Godfrey Christmas? Well old Glenny Boy must be a doctor, because he finally managed to finish his degree, almost exactly 30 years after he started. Not sure if this is a lesson in procsternation, or persistence, or a lesson at all, but I know it cost a lot of time, money, and deeply validated my hatred for math, especially when math has not been performed for 30 years.


I still get the hot coeds like in college.


I eat sushi like a college kid.


Lot’s of Ramen like a college kid


I was framed.


.     IMG_7651  IMG_4216

Along with Glenny boy getting his Doctorate X 3 ( NOT REALLY PEOPLE, it just took 30 years) Benjamin also decided to finish High School, and that has been that last decision he has made this year. There has been a lot of “I don’t know”s and “I’m not sure”s, followed by a surprise enlistment into the Army National Guard! The kid made a decision, and he acted on it. He will be shipping back to the mother land where this eclectic family started in Missouri (Just found out he’s going to Georgia not Missouri, my editor in chief dutifully corrected me, thanks babe). And although he will not be an esteemed Doctor like his dad, we will proudly attend his graduation knowing that he too can get his college degree in a short 30 years. Unfortunately for him, with the cost of college inflation, all the Bitcoin in the world won’t be able to pay for that degree.

IMG_2980IMG_2963IMG_2934IMG_2929IMG_2928IMG_2897 .


No regrets, other than jumping of this rock into the glacial waters.

IMG_2438 .IMG_2009IMG_2001

Let’s see, what else happened this year? Ah yes, we have a new addition to the family, a rabbit, whose name has changed 10 times, and strikes fear into our patrol dogs on a regular basis. Maybe the rabbit was with us last year, not sure about that. I know the hamster is new, because I assured my kids we would have no more pets, and now we have a hamster, and there is a kitty cat running around the house at times as well. The kids Godly fear and respect knows no bounds. I am just thankful that my wife is not complicit in this rebellion. I am pretty convinced there are other animals that I am unaware of because I know we humans cannot possibly consume as many groceries as we buy.

IMG_6906 IMG_7123IMG_7105 .

Jake and Jo are still in school, Kassie finishing up her senior year, cooking and baking up a storm at home. She is mom’s Sous chef, and she is awesome at it. She loves being in the kitchen, and even puts her phone down while she works! She is tall, dark and beautiful, if we could only get her to smile once in a while. I’m pretty sure she has decided to never marry and live happily ever after at home with her parents, cooking for dad, or was that a dream?


IMG_2248IMG_2089  .IMG_2052 IMG_1990IMG_6333IMG_6490 IMG_2501

E46F20A8-79D5-45E1-BA07-6FE6E3026EE6 .

Jake and Jo are now attending Youth Group! Talk about feeling old! I have no more kids in the nursery, no more kids in AWANAs, no more kids in grade school, just a couple of mouthy Youth Groupers. They love it, and we love them. Unfortunately, Tracy and I are so worn out that we don’t parent them at all. In fact we are making them parent us, but they keep whining about not being able to “legally” drive. I know this much, they are better drivers than 92% of the Costa Ricans in San Jose, and that’s good enough for me. I need to see if they can drive us to McDonald’s for dinner tonight since Kassie doesn’t feel like cooking. They are both becoming avid Crossfitters as well. Jake has graduated to the adult class, and can double-under better than me, he also whines better than me about every workout.

IMG_1871 . IMG_4472 IMG_1534IMG_1631

IMG_2665 . IMG_2425

IMG_7289IMG_7268IMG_7241. . IMG_2095


Jo is the leader of the kids class at Crossfit, and she is excited to move up to the adults class as well. I have an intuition that she tends to enjoy the social aspect of Crossfit slightly more than the working out aspect of Crossfit. I don’t have a clue where she gets that from.


Best Friends forever, at least on Pinterest.

IMG_5184 IMG_3105IMG_7649IMG_0293 IMG_7037  IMG_6892 IMG_2102IMG_5170 .IMG_6501 .

Jeremy has got to come home a couple times this year from his terrible Marine home base assignment in Hawaii. I feel really bad for him and pray for him daily. He could get water in his ears from surfing or swimming, which he does often. He might get wind burnt or sun burnt from his weekend hikes, or the worst of all, he might meet a cute Hawaiian Christian girl that wants him to move to that Island. I always thought if he was going to live on a tropical Island, it was going to be Kodiak. I know he is strong, and I know he will survive the Island between his jaunts to Japan, and I am thankful that he is suffering for our country


Serving cousins. The Marines and Navy play well together.



Alli, our cat lady, just recently relocated from Sitka to Anchorage. She’s just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going to Anchorage. She continues to work on her Master’s degree, and if she works really hard, and buckles down, I figure she should be done in about 35 years, taking just slightly longer than her father. And now that I have renewed my math skills, those numbers seem legit.IMG_2654IMG_2855IMG_1274

IMG_0068.jpg .IMG_8559


Dorian is the best darn water slinger this side of the Sterling Highway. Although he has not pursued a coveted 30 year degree like his dad, he continues to work on secret plans to control the world. He has so many things going on on-the-side, that his life is like a Thanksgiving dinner loaded with emphasis on the side dishes. He is truly a millennial, except that he is very polite and kind. His favorite hobby, catching fish, and he caught a lot this year, almost cleaning out the Kenai River by himself.

IMG_6557IMG_6377 .


Other than that, it’s been another quiet year in the Godfrey household. I feel as if I am forgetting something. I covered the rabbit, the hamster, graduations…. Oh yeh, we did get another little addition to our clan, our very first grandchild! Laura Brooke was born November 25th, the last day she will likely ever enjoy without having her cheeks squished by Papa & Granny’s lips. She has become the highlight of my day (no offense kids or wife) and the center of our household. Livy has blossomed into a beautiful, attentive and loving mother, to the peril and jealousy of the dogs. She swaddles tighter and faster than Mrs. Dugger could ever dream, and she has Laura’s feedings timed down to the minute. Unfortunately, she has already indoctrinated Laura in the ways of a Jedi as she made her watch The Last Jedi at the theater when she was three weeks old. Laura is very adept at the Force, crying to get what she wants. There is only one problem, and it’s a big one, I don’t think there is enough room in the worldwide cloud to contain all the photographs we are taking of little Laura Brooke. And if you follow Costaglenn or trainakg on Instagram, we cannot be held responsible for the amount of baby pictures posted.

IMG_8056   IMG_0205.jpgIMG_0153.jpgIMG_0105.jpgIMG_0085.jpg




Laura Brooke Dedication


The many faces of little Laura Brooke.





Great, Great Grandma Gugel



I knew I saw a puddy tat!!

Tracy is reveling in the role of granny, and not shying away from the gray hairs that come with the job. She was born to be a granny, and she has been practicing pinching and biting cheeks for years. When I whip out my phone and play the 15 minute slide show of my granddaughter for every person I meet, I am greeted with the typical “you’re too young to be a grandpa” at least that’s what the Siri like voice in my head says. While the strangers staring at my phone question if this is my only grandchild, and comment that I could probably be a great grandpa. Hurtful, but to which I reply, I am the greatest of grandpas, smiling knowing that I have graduated from dad jokes to grandpa jokes. You have been warned.



A three minute tour, a three minute tour. They never returned. 

IMG_1462 . IMG_1438

IMG_5309 .


Good hair day.


IMG_2847IMG_0323IMG_0112 .  IMG_0043
IMG_4149 .  IMG_4146


Well that’s about it. Told you not much happened this year. Sorry to disappoint, but eh knows maybe something cool will happen in 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

5 responses

  1. Terri Springer

    Thanks Glenn, as always. Love your writing, love you and your family even more. May the Lord fill you and Traci with wisdom from on High as you continue to lead your growing brood in 2018.

    December 30, 2017 at 8:58 am

  2. Don Hopkins

    Nice to watch your family grow and grow ….you both look great …loving my walk with the Lord …we have an awesome Pastor ….Perry Carlile . The church is growing most Sunday’s we have in excess of 100 people …we have a full time Spanish Pastor as well with 75 on average . it is exciting ….. We sold our home and now live in a condo here in Playa Potrero ….babe manages it for the owner and rents out like 4 unites ….

    Do you remember Juliana from Playa Potrero ? she was found dead this morning …she struggled with Addictions of alcohol drugs as does her son Logan [shes’ been here for like 25 years ]

    I played Santa again this year and saw over 1000 kids doing 7 different schools ….always a blessing for sure ….well didn’t plan on this long-winded response …..Hope 2018 is special ….Hello to your bride

    God Bless,

    Don Hopkins

    December 30, 2017 at 11:35 am

    • Don, so good to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing amazing. We sure miss you guys and CR. Glad to hear the Church is doing well, hopefully we will get to visit again soon. Tell Babe hi for us and thanks so much for the updates.

      December 30, 2017 at 2:37 pm

  3. Dawn Randall

    How lovely to hear from you. What are the older kids doing? Everybody looks great. Love the photos. Man, time does fly/ I would call if we had a number. Marv and I are in the Ocala,Florida area. Moved from Michigan at the end of July. Marv’s ideal I do not like hot, I do not like retirement communities. Guess we are stuck here unless God does the miraculous, there is always hope. Marv just purschased a recumbent bike and likes it alot. Good exercise machine . Never heard of Tommy Boy. What ever his major is probably is out of wack with the real world. Your Mom and Grandma look wonderful as you two do, please tell them hello for us and that they look great. I look my age, alligator neck and all. Trying to find a Church. Jesse and Anna are still in Fairbanks. Where are you now? Sorry this is just a jabbering long paragraph. It’s almost midnight and we are weary. Our phone number is: 352-387-7833. Thank you for the letter and news, cheered me up. You guys make great parents and have such beautiful kids. God bless you all. Love, Dawn


    On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 12:21 PM, Tra and Glenn Make Ten. wrote:

    > Glenn G posted: “Here we are again, another year another post, the same > old story. I wish that I could say we had some cool stuff happen this year, > but alas, twas just another year. We ate too much, didn’t sleep enough, > watched too much TV, stared at our phones too much a” >

    December 30, 2017 at 7:41 pm

  4. tyschemanski

    Thanks for sharing! Great to see the family, and congrats on finishing your degree! Looking at the pics of Jeremy he looks like the real deal… I definitely wouldn’t want to tangle with that boy!

    January 14, 2018 at 6:55 am

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