The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

The Other Side of Goodbye

Five years ago I wrote a post titled Goodbyes are great! This was our goodbye to the Kenai Peninsula as we started the new chapter of our life in Costa Rica. As I reread that post, I realize there is a huge difference between saying goodbye as the ones leaving, versus saying goodbye as the ones staying.

The leaving signals a new adventure, a new journey, stress, excitement, planning and motion. You are always moving, moving to the goal of getting gone. The time to reflect and to sulk in your sorrow is shoved in between fits of stress filled phone calls, reservations, packing, signing, double checking and the general event that is moving a young family.

When I wrote that post I failed to realize my excitement and the franticness with which I filled my life, tempered the actual sadness. Today, we are on the other the other side of the goodbye. Today some of our very closest friends are starting the new chapter in their life. They are mired in the midst of a move, while we sit in the rain and think of all that we will miss; the fun times, late nights, adventures and the general closeness with trusting loving confidants. It is much harder on this side of goodbye. We can actually take time to sip our coffee and reminisce and contemplate all that could’ve been, and all that will not be. I don’t like it.

One thing sticks solidly in my head about the post I wrote back June 2011. I don’t know that it was  the most read, or even that great of post, but it showed how I was feeling at the time. But it is definitely poignant because of the only comment on that post, which was written by my good friend Ryan Davis, the one who today leaves. On the  post he wrote “Dislike! You are wrong goodbyes stink.”  Today, I stand in Ryan’s shoes as he takes his truly amazing God-fearing loving family  to their new life. I find myself jealous of those that will be blessed by their presence. Today I am on the other side of goodbye, and it does stink.

We love you guys so much and although our hearts are heavy, our hope is in God and we know that our families will forever be entwined. In honor of you and as a permanent reminder, a small reminder of our times together I submit this video, with some great memories and inside jokes. I hope that it will always make you smile and remember.

We truly love you.

<p><a href=”″>2CEDF48F-5224-4C45-BFD5-AC5989105488_HQ</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Glenn Godfrey</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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