The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

The Fixer Fasters

This post is dedicated to Chelsea, because she claims she cannot find anything to read on the internets and she wants me to update the blog, so here it is.

It has been difficult to find the time and motivation to write. Things are kind of back to the way they were before we left on our adventures, which were easy and exciting to write about. But now,  back in the AK, life just keeps on ticking along. There have been some slight changes however, and now that we know people around the world, perhaps they may be interested to know that living in Alaska does not mean that I MUST kill my own animal or my family will not survive. In reality, if my local coffee drive-through is out of sugar free white chocolate powder, then I may NOT survive. A show about drive-thru coffee shops, now that would be real Alaskan. Or maybe the Illusion is better than the reality.

Our empty home.

Our empty home.

IMG_8607 IMG_8609 IMG_8610 IMG_8624



Once again we have moved. Our beautiful home in Sterling, the one that we put hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into, the one that we spent many many overnights with friends and filled with kids, friends and food, lots and lots of food, now belongs to another family. Although we are small town folk, one of the downfalls of a small town is a tight home market, especially for those looking for five bedrooms and 3000 + square feet. In fact it was so tight, that the only homes that would fit that criteria were farther out of town than our Sterling home, and the main point of moving was to get closer to…. well everything. Finally we settled on a home directly in the middle Soldotna. Fortunately, it required quite a bit of remodeling, and fortunately this was occurring right in the middle of Jeremy and Olivia’s graduation, and fortunately our main water line separated days after we moved in. This is fortunate because I never lacked for anything to do, and it left little time to blog. It is extremely convenient to be located next to the hospital, less than a block (refer to this post as to why  General Hospital) especially if we ever have to get medivaced via helicopter as it buzzes our house daily, and nightly. Oh well, we’ve always slept with a fan on and what better fan than that of a helicopter blade?

They were Broncos fans.

They were Broncos fans



A temporary bedroom


The benefit of a short ceiling, we look tall!


Testing the new carpet.

IMG_8798_2IMG_8825  IMG_8826_2 IMG_8836     IMG_9035 IMG_9036



It wouldn’t be an official Godfrey project if I didn’t suffer an almost mortal wound to my head.

IMG_3265 IMG_3267 IMG_3276 IMG_3334


Although we have been in the new house for several months, I still have not really finished any of the dozens of projects we have undertaken. Most have been started, and all are livable, but none are done. Of course now that the summer is here and the fish are running, the odds of me getting these finished soon are about as good as Tracy not having to buy milk or eggs every other day. Our new house is almost the exact opposite of our last house, but again, the pickings were definitely slim. It is cut up into multiple levels with lots of small rooms. Other than location, the best part was the unfinished basement, which has become a partially finished hang-out area and bedroom. I predict I will finish it one month before we sell the house. At least someone will get to enjoy it. The best part of finishing the basement was that I found a new sheetrock partner, my wife. My boys helped my hang the rock, my wife helped me mud and tape the rock, and she is a natural. I couldn’t stop praising her abilities, and although she is convinced I had ulterior motives, I assure you that she truly did a respectable job for her first time. The bad news is that we were under an extreme deadline to have the final sanding, taping and painting completed prior to the carpet installation, so our finish work left a little to be desired. Even a semi-aggressive texture job could not hide the imperfections of rushing the job. But we will continue to tell people that it was part of our decor plan which was “industrial”, or what I would call “rushed”. Watch out Chip and Joanna Gaines, we are coming for you! Glenn  & Tracy Godfrey in “The Fixer Faster”, the new improved 1/2 hr. version of Fixer Upper. With a little air brushing we can make everything look a whole lot better and slightly unfinished. The best part is we return right before you sell your home to finish all the unfinished work.


The new tradition, a new table with every new house.

The new tradition, a new table with every new house.


Granny loves painting.

_MG_9755 IMG_9040 IMG_9044 IMG_9053 IMG_9056 IMG_9058

For those of you that care ( my mom & Chelsea) I will try to get back in the groove of putting up a post more frequently than every six months. However, life is back on the fast track so I make no promises. And with the proliferation of social media and micro-blogging, I feel like most of the pertinent information has already been disseminated to those who care. But if I am going to be the star of Fixer Faster, then I should be able to man up and do some faster more industrial blogs. Just don’t mind the imperfections, or if they are not completely finished upon publication.


the old new table is now an outside garden.

IMG_9594 IMG_9595 IMG_9940 IMG_9941 IMG_9948 IMG_9982

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