The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Be Kind Rewind

Are you old enough to remember the rewind button? Remember the patience you had to have? There were no chapters, no streaming, but it was much better than the random 8 track tape. Rewind was a way of life. I can even remember waaayyy back when dad used to pull out the old 8mm reel to reel video. He would pull out the projector, on special occasions, load up the reel, spool it up and play home videos. We only had 5 or 6 family tapes, but we absolutely loved them. This was far before VHS tapes or the ability to rent movies. If you missed at the theater, you missed it. I remember our favorite video. All of us kids were in our jammies gathered around the kitchen table. I don’t recall why the video camera was out, but I think it was someone’s birthday. Whatever it was, the best part of the video was spilled milk. One of us spilled a cup of milk and the milky white fluid spread out like a delta on the table. Then instantly, one of us, or several of us start licking the milk up off the table, smiling into the camera. What was so great was that every time we watched it we would scream rewind rewind. Dad would then play the exact scene in reverse and the milk would emanate from out of our mouths onto the table, and then magically back into the cup. It was pure magic. It was Vine, our Youtube, it was a family gathering together to enjoy a moment caught in infamy. Something that would usually cause great strife and anger in a family became an iconic moment. I guarantee you could ask each and every one of my siblings and they too would remember this video with great fondness, and probably even better detail than I.

videos0001 videos0002

What is bringing on this mushy sentiment on you ask? Well in this day and age of ever evolving technology, we have taken the time to pull out two giant totes of video tapes, 8mm, DV, Hi Dv etc. ect. We literally have totes and totes of videos and each and every one of them contains absolutely precious video of the kids in their younger years. Videos that have not been on Youtube, have not been blogged about, nothing. Forgotten moments, hidden treasures. And we gathered as a family to watch videos of Dorian playing basketball like a 2 year maniac, Alli dancing and stealing every scene, Kassie do some kind of mystery gymanstidance. Ben and Jeremy joining in. Livy running and playing, and Jakey just being a baby. It is fun to watch, it is even more fun to remember. To remember the cute days. When everything they said, everything they did was pretty stinking cute.  Pictures are great, but the videos, once you fast forward through the hours of endless t-ball games, basketball games and recitals, add a whole nother element to recall. The downside, I have to find three different video recorders to play the videos because I thought it was a great idea to upgrade camcorders every year. Gotta love technology.


So perhaps a great thing to do this first month of 2014 is to get into your attic, garage, storage shed or shop and find those totes of old videos, or if you are lucky enough to have an old projector, pull them out and rewind. Rewind back to a time when voices were high, haircuts were bad, hair was present for some of us, gather the family around and enjoy the sights and sounds of years past. I promise, if you look hard enough and are patient during the rewind, you will find some gems that will bring tears to your eyes.

A couple snippets of some of our rewinds.

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