The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

2014 Christmas Letter

Two hundred and twenty-one, that is the combined ages of everyone living in our house today. Contrary to what you are thinking, Tra and I are NOT the majority of that number. In 2014 we came back to full power again, all ten of us under one roof, at least for a while. That metal green roof that sheds snow has been unable to shed family members. It has been for sale for most of 2014, and yet we are still under it and that is probably a good thing, since we obviously need the room, and our attempts to downsize have so far been thwarted.

IMG_8373 IMG_8396 Jo Adoption Blog0026  Jo Adoption Blog0036 Jo Adoption Blog0037


Jo Adoption Blog0026

I have been extremely lax on the family blog this year, and my resolution is to do better. However my evenings and days have been filled with studying and activity; So there are my excuses, pretty good ones if you ask me.

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The biggest event of our year so far was the completion of Jo’s adoption, an event seven years in the making. I won’t recount the details as you can read about that below, but suffice it to say it has been a long journey. She has settled in to normal Godfrey life, which is probably not über normal, doing her home school, fighting with her siblings, playing, eating and sleeping when forced to do so.

Instead of writing the normal Godfrey Christmas letter, I decided to make it lyrical, perhaps inspired by my English Literature class. Please forgive me in advance, but I know that most of you just look at the pictures anyway.

Jo Adoption Blog0008 Jo Adoption Blog0009 Jo Adoption Blog0010 Jo Adoption Blog0011  IMG_2634_640x480 IMG_1079_640x480

Jo Adoption Blog0017 Jo Adoption Blog0001

T’was the month during Christmas in the Godfrey house, all the kids were gathered, not yet one with a spouse. There were mountains of teens texting and such, while dad tried to write about really not much. Another year has gone and another on the way, dreams of children moving out yet they return and stay. It makes our house full and our lives more fun, with all ten of us together in the land of the midnight sun.

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We fished, we picnicked, we hunted and played, Ben broke his collarbone and Dorian never left he just stayed. Alli changed schools, and then changed them back, an adventurous education that she will not lack. Jeremy is driving the streets with delight to work at Fred Meyer’s with Liv into the night . Soon he will be leaving for California to stay, a surfing Marine his hope one day. Livy is creative with pottery and art, she continues to make great grades proving she is also smart. A nurse she thinks one day she will be, helping people and cleaning pee. Ben got his permit, he begs to drive and so far mom and dad are still alive.

Jo Adoption Blog0018 Jo Adoption Blog0019 Jo Adoption Blog0020

IMG_6738_640x480 IMG_6552_640x480 IMG_6340_640x480 IMG_5897_640x480 IMG_5612_640x480

Kassie’s the tallest one in her school, which is home with two siblings who, in comparison, are  miniscule. Their teacher is nice, as least that’s what they say when I come home and ask them how was their day. Jake and Jo are two peas in a pod, they act goofy, silly and odd. Mommy and daddy handle each day with care, in hopes that one day dad will regrow his hair. Mommy teaches, cooks, cleans and plays, she sings, crafts and Pinterest’s some days. She is busy loving her kids, and helping dad find Tupperware lids. Dad drives 35 miles to work every day, but stops to do some CrossFit during the day.

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In Alaska we are back for how long we know not, still adjusting to cold and missing the hot. We had a great year, with lots of problems and issues, but this is a time for cheer, not for tissues. We cannot complain, although we do, we have a great family and all of you. Things have not gone perfect, we’ve had some bumps, but God continues to watch over us and guide our triumphs. Although we have tried, our house has not sold, we’ve lowered the price to just two bags of gold. The kids are happy that we are still here, they love the house and want to be near. One more year in books for the Godfrey clan, as for next year I don’t know the plan. We may be down to six in the house, we may see the inklings of a new spouse. God only knows what the future holds, but I am sure in next year’s letter tales will be told.

glenn baking  IMG_8232_640x480 IMG_8207_640x480 IMG_8183_640x480 IMG_8090_640x480 IMG_8064_640x480 IMG_6124_640x480


jake jerms bakingliv ben bakingtra baking

We will live together as one, striving to serve God and his Son. We will grow, make missteps, and more, but I won’t write a poem for Christmas that’s for shore ( had to spell it this way to rhyme. Work with me people we are almost done here!). So as I bid you all good night, Merry Christmas to all and to all I’m sorry for the corny poem all right?

  Jo Adoption Blog0038  IMG_2521_640x480  _MG_8685_640x480  _MG_8693_640x480   IMG_2981_640x480 IMG_8592_640x480   IMG_0033_640x480


Jo Adoption Blog0025  IMG_0032_1024x768


Merry Christmas to all our followers, friends and family! We love you and miss those of you that aren’t with us, and we pray that our paths will once again cross. I promise to have at least TWO blog posts in January, daunting as that may be. May God bless you and prosper you in this new year.

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  2. Gail Stadig

    My kind of humor! Merry Christmas to you all!

    December 23, 2014 at 10:51 pm

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