The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

The Red Carpet

I heard you were back, is a phrase not uncommon. It is usually followed immediately by “What brought you back?” Well, the short story is Jo. The long story is God. As difficult as it is for me to believe, as difficult as it is to accept, I believe we are supposed to be right here right now. It was not in my plans, nor was it in Tracy’s plans. But it was time and we knew it. We knew the minute we got the phone call. It did not take long to once again throw our life into turmoil. High School #3 for Liv & Jeremy. A new job for dad, and probably a new house for all of us. The good news is we would have our friends, and we would have our family. Now we just had to find somewhere to live.

AK summer0006 AK summer0019


AK summer0020

Pauly the porcupine, a common visitor in AK

What amazed me was how fast doors opened for us. Not only did they open, the red carpet was rolled out leading us to the doors. For instance, prior to leaving Georgia, after one phone call I had a good job lined up in a good company. Unfortunately it was in Anchorage and we needed to be in Soldotna, but we were thankful to have it and we were determined to make it work.  Within two days another, better job opened up in the Kenai area. Within days of arriving in AK I was fully employed and thoroughly enjoying my new career…… for two weeks. At that time I was told that my job was being absorbed by Tesoro, the company we contracted to. So much for the red carpet. However, I was encouraged to apply, and apply I did. I got the job, once again a better, exponentially better career. Not that the last one was bad. However, since I have been in my new position I have had many people approach me to say “Man the stars sure lined up for you!” ” Someone is looking out for you. Jobs like this don’t just happen.” I smile and know that God must be directing our paths, and I pray that I can be a witness to that.

AK summer0004 AK summer0005 AK summer0007

Now we just needed somewhere to live. We still had our house, the one we had tried to sell for the last two year, the one that currently had long term renters in it.  Well the renters wanted to buy. However the deal fell through, just days before we signed a lease on another rental.  We decided that it would be best to move back in until we got settled, however the lease went through October. That was still 5 months away. Guess what, the renters found another house and moved out early. In the meantime, a long lost friend with a giant house on a lake, whose kids had left the nest said “stay with me.” We did. It was like summer vacation home. It was awesome, especially with the record heat we had this summer. We water skied, we swam, we fished, we loved it. Another red carpet. And they just kept lining up. Maybe not as quick as we wanted, or in the fashion we desired, but they were there and they were certainly better than manna and water.

AK summer0008 AK summer0009 AK summer0012 AK summer0011 AK summer0010 AK summer0013 AK summer0015 AK summer0016 AK summer0017 AK summer0018

There is only one piece of puzzle still missing, one side of the Rubick’s cube to align. But it is the most important piece, the main reason we are back in AK and that is Jo. Perhaps  our house not selling, way under market value, being the house that she grew up in was just an inconvenience. Perhaps my good friend leaving a great job for his dream job at the exact moment that I needed the job he vacated in the town I needed to be was just coincidence. Perhaps another friend needing someone to house-sit his huge house on the lake while he traveled and work, was just coincidence. And just perhaps the dozens of small unmentioned blessings & miracles that occurred to make it possible for a family of nine to move nearly 6000 miles were just an accident. Or perhaps, the most likely scenario is this is all part of God’s plan, and perhaps we are just too stubborn to follow it unless he lays out the red carpet. Perhaps we are to be witnesses to his grace, to his mercy, and to his omnipotence. However it all unfolds I pray that we never take for granted all that has brought us to this place and time, and all that is yet to follow. And instead of the yellow brick road, I just want to keep finding those red carpets.

AK summer0009 AK summer0014 AK summer0003

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