The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Catching Up.

This has been the longest I have ever been between posts since I started this blog. The irony of it all is that more has happened to us in the last 6 months than probably any other period of time I have written on in the past. Let me give you a brief summary, we have moved from Georgia to Alaska, I have been through three employers, we have lived in about four different houses this past summer, we have moved back into our old house, Dorian and I flew into Florida to drive our stuff across country, our stuff arrived and now winter is upon us.

It has been intensely crazy season for us, but that is not why I have not written. I have not written because amongst my stuff was my beloved writing platform, my Mac. It accepts my pictures, it eases my writing and it slides on like my favorite Christmas sweater. Remember I said we got our stuff? Well today we moved that stuff from the garage to the house, and I was able to plug in my Mac and bring the blog back.  So obviously it will have a much different direction than it has the last couple of years. No more beaches, unless they are covered with salmon carcasses or ice, no more surfing, unless it is done with a snow board, and no more suntans, just wind burns. But Alaska definitely will provide me with plenty of fodder, and the kids, well the kids are fodder factory. So in order to start, I think I will pick up where we left off, in Seattle on our way back to AK. However, I have to wait for the pics so the next few posts will post dated with past info and post prefaces. I will be back on soon to catch you up on the adventure we continue to call life.


Jerms sporting his sporty new shades in AK, even though the sun had left for the summer.


Livy Grace playing soccer in boots.


Ben getting in shape, or getting up after falling. Not sure, but I like the pic anyway.


Jake in action.

IMG_6405 IMG_6409

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