The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Savannah Sights

One thing on our pre-moving bucket list was to visit Savannah Georgia ( please insert your own slow southern drawl). After all we are only about an hour and a half away. So, even though time is tight right now, we put aside a day for Savannah. We wanted to see what all the ya’ll is about. Further more, we had an opportunity to hook up with some great old friends who have been featured in this blog several times. So north to Savannah we went.

Savannah oozes south. The buildings are old, the trees are huge, the roads tiny, the traffic patterns odd as if made for horse and carriages, and the tea is very sweet. The town was built around town squares, small blocks of park basically. One of these is where Forest Gump sat on his bench and told his story. Our story is the bench is now in a museum, so we could not give you the obligatory blue suit, candy on lap picture, although we tried. You know what they say, life is like a box of chocolates, you never………..

Sans the bench, there was still a lot more to Savannah. We enjoyed it thoroughly, even the torrential downpour we got caught in the biggest square in the town. Although we did have to head to the nearest Ross’s for some new shirts, pants and yes even underwear.

I could describe the uneven rock laden roads for you, the swaying weeping willows and magnolia trees, the aged brick buildings with white faded letters, missing brick, vine-covered stairs and moss embossed alleys, but I could not do it justice. So instead I will let the pictures do the talking, and give you the highlights.

We drove north to Savannah and landed at the tourist aimed River Street.


Some locals gawking at us.

Savannah0025 Savannah0023 Savannah0038

Savannah0015 Savannah0004 Savannah0001 Savannah0011

We watched massive container ships in the river.

Savannah0016 Savannah0017 Savannah0005Savannah0007 Savannah0008

We toured the wind billowing, tree filled, monument centered squares.

Savannah0049 Savannah0046 Savannah0047 Savannah0048 Savannah0022 Savannah0019


Awesome Cafe right on Chippewa Square.


I think it was Steel Magnolias Livy, not Steal Magnolias!

Savannah0009 Savannah0012

We got caught in a mega rain storm.

Savannah0045 Savannah0050

rain kids

We bought new clothes.

brief case

We met up with some long-lost dear Alaskan friends ( HIGHLIGHT!)


Making ghost images, appropriate for Savannah.


If you look closely, you can see that Nya has already picked out her man.

Savannah0056 Savannah0059 Savannah0061 Savannah0055

We ate crab and shrimp.

IMG_0836 IMG_0837

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated the history and scenery. 


Me thoroughly enjoying the scenery.


Our favorite letter.


Rock stars


PAULA DEEN’S restaurant.

Savannah0066 Savannah0063 Savannah0054 Savannah0052 Savannah0051 Savannah0042 Savannah0044 Savannah0040 Savannah0039 Savannah0035 Savannah0033 Savannah0031 Savannah0027Savannah0020 Savannah0021 Savannah0018Savannah0036 crop

Prologue. It was truly amazing seeing Ty, Niki, Nya and Elli. We have traveled similar paths and have come to similar conclusions. They encouraged us greatly. What are the odds that we would both move from the Kenai Peninsula, only to reconnect two years later in Savannah Georgia? I can’t wait to see where we connect with y’all next time yonder down the road.


Until our ships meet again.

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  1. Kim bennett

    Thanks again glen,great post!

    May 23, 2013 at 6:36 pm

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