The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Seasons of Soccer

In Alaska, the outdoor soccer season was short and swift. Practices often started indoors sometime in May, while teams waited for the snow to clear the fields in anticipation of playing actual outdoor games in June.

_MG_3821 IMG_4051 _MG_3858

On the Kenai Peninsula it was a well-known tradition during the months of June and July, and sometimes August, every family would meet up on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the freezing fields in Kenai. We would brave the wind and battle the cold to clamor around our kids while they chased the black and white ball throughout the pitch. It was an event, a modern-day hoe down.


Elbows are legal in soccer…right?


If done correctly, this is impossible to defend!

_MG_3815 copy _MG_3818 IMG_4031 _MG_3936 _MG_3801

Here in Georgia things are a little different. They take their sports very seriously in this area. In fact football, American football, is a sacred and sworn passion to the residents of Camden County. If you don’t play you cheer, and if you don’t cheer you support, and if you don’t support, you surely don’t tell anyone. So this passion trickles down to other sports including soccer. Which, unlike Alaska, starts in February, at least the spring season does, and I know because we have been practicing and playing games since then.


which ball is he going for here?

IMG_4022 IMG_3979 _MG_3912 _MG_3892 _MG_3908 _MG_3858


I love this shot, because the two boys are in the heat of battle, about to feel pain, and then the guy in the background has his hands on his hips watching, the goalie is red and ready, while a plane flies overhead. A lot going on.


The big difference here, we don’t have to worry about the snow melting, and most of the time we are battling the heat rather than the cold. There are also about 2 gazillion teams between Georgia and Florida, so you don’t really play the same team 33 times. The downside, when the weather is bad, say thunderstorms, the games get canceled. Conversely, In AK, I have watched games being played during blizzard.

_MG_3843 _MG_3912 IMG_3979

Another huge difference, we actually play games in other states. Not tournaments, just regular old games. In Soldotna, unless you were on the comp team, every game was at the same field, always; Tuesday night, Thursday night. Here they are all over the place. But each venue has one thing in common, passionate loud parents, and heat. I am not sure that we have fully embraced the passion yet, but we are learning to love the heat.  That southern charm kind of goes out the window during a 9-year-olds soccer game.I know this for sure, if I ever catch myself  trying to buy a cow bell or megaphone, that is the day I need to think about cooling off and heading back to Alaska, where we are too cold to be obnoxious. Most of us anyway.

IMG_3954 IMG_3951


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  1. Kim bennett

    Great pics Glen. More post,more post!!!!!!

    April 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

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