The life and times of the Godfrey ten.


Wool lined Jeans and camping in the casa

I know I know, it’s about time. For those of you who don’t know, we have been in Alaska for the last month, and although my intent was to keep blogging while we were there, it did not happen. I have no excuse. The trip itself was a whirlwind, considering it was a month-long that’s saying something.

This is how we first saw her.

She had teeth the last time we saw her.

Ben and Olivia

The old gang

Beautiful Liv


Here they are again

Here they are again, just like the old days

Yes we are too cool to smile and we know it.

Okay, they can make us smile

Alaska felt like an old pair of Levi jeans, comfortable, familiar and loved, I just wish those jeans had been lined with wool. It was a wee bit chilly back in the 907, even for Alaska. I believe the average daytime temp for our visit was about 56-58 degrees. In fact I almost had to have several of my toes amputated after the Fourth of July parade. And once again, within minutes of departing from the plane our tans began disappearing sucked into the Aurora Borealis, where all tans go to die.

Always at it.

Park Mobile


No dude, I said pull!!!

a quick little nature hike.

I just hope we don’t run into this guy again.

Looking for fisheys

Yep, that there is a giant bear print.


Jo & Jake


Despite the weather, the trip was fantastic. We got to spend time with great friends, eating, talking, chilling and eating more and more and more. In fact my mom made us the one meal I cannot find here in Costa Rica, Ham, and she made an excellent one. It was my only true food request and it was fulfilled.



Yep that’s a whole lotta snow in July

You go ahead, I’m looking at these rocks

Yeh, I think I will sit with daddy too.


Dorian and Alli both got an intern job and continue to work in order to buy jackets and lined jeans. Soon they will be off to school and be too busy to miss mom and dad, but for now we hear from them often.

Mommies girl.

Undoubtedly the highlight of our trip was our time spent with Jojean. She had many spend-the-nights, and even went with us to Anchorage several times to stay with mom. We were amazed at her growth, not physically but as a person. She is extremely self-sufficient, especially for a 7 year-old, very smart, opinionated and has tons of friends. She taught herself how to ride a two-wheeler bike and will share that with anyone who is willing to listen. And despite her lack of two front teeth, or even perhaps due to, she is as cute as can be. We love her more than ever and were very grateful to have so much time with her for a short season. We were also blessed by the amount of people who care for her, pray for her and watch over her. She has more guardian angels than anyone on the Kenai Peninsula.

Brain freeze. This ain’t Costa water.

Daddy’s girl……

…. after some convincing.


Jace and Jerms. Even the Alaskans are wearing sweatshirts.


Are you talking to me?

Every time we have a fire, Jake and Isaiah build their own fire.

Pretty faces

Our monkey


And they didn’t even cost a quarter.

Group ride, better than the Magic Kingdom


My them for the trip, wrapped up warm.

Typical of an Alaskan adventure we saw caribou, moose, bear, salmon, giant vampire mosquitos, fireweed  and more Carhart wear than the rest of the world combined. While on the Peninsula we stayed in our unsold house, and because we had emptied it prior to moving, it was much like camping in one of the thousands of behemoth road whales called motorhomes. It was cozy, it was comfy, it was home, even though it was empty.


I don’t know that we will ever live in Alaska again, but I know that we will always be able to call Alaska home. It is where nine of us were born, it is where our family began and grew,  it is where the sun shines long in the summer guiding those giant mosquitos to the back of my bald head, and most importantly it is where we built relationships that will last a lifetime. All we need to survive is a place to lay our heads and 10 pairs of wool lined jeans, and maybe just a little bug dope.

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