The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Costa Rica’s Got Talent

A few weeks ago, as the apex of her senior project, our great friend Elizabeth G.B. produced, directed and held a small talent show for the Brasilito area at our local church. Elizabeth found the talent, Elizabeth signed the talent and Elizabeth made it all happen. Now as a general rule, if you don’t like bars, there is not much to do here after dark, so a talent show was intriguing.

I was pleasantly amazed at the level of burgeoning talent here in Guanacaste. I was also amazed at how fun it was to gather and watch this talent. There were about 50 or so people in attendance and as I looked around the room I saw tons of smiles, heard lots of laughter, saw cameras flashing, video cameras rolling, screaming, cheering, dancing and some good old hooting and hollering. It was truly a fun little night.

So I put together a very rough little video of the night with some video clips, some photos and some general good times. I didn’t have time to polish it up, so I apologize. But if I can relay the general sense of joy, then I am happy. Thank you Elizabeth ( and her assistant Alli) for a wonderful night and something to do here in Guanacaste, and we eagerly await the next one. Perhaps I will unleash my acappella version of Ava Marie.

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