The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

The early birds

It has become readily apparent to us that the Costa Rican day is vastly different that the good ole American day. You see there is very little difference in the day throughout the year here, the sun pretty much starts peeking out about 5:30, and quickly slips back into the sea at about 6:00 every night, give or take 1/2 hour. It is a constant that you can count on, just like the lovely morning chirping of the birds and the screaming howler monkeys warning of the break of dawn.


So the Costa Ricans have adapted well, especially the outdoor workers, such as construction crews. Right now we have two new buildings going up in our area, and on both buildings the concrete starts pouring, the hammers start hammering, and the drills start drilling at 6 am sharp. The sun is in full bloom and it is time to start the day. Now these aren’t the over achievers, these aren’t the Wall Street moguls, these are the everyday workers, from the machete wielding brush clearer, to the electric company crew.

A new cafe being built near us.

new house in our neighborhood.

The buses start rolling at about 5:30, sucking up workers on the side of the road like Pacman, and depositing them at their area of work for a long hot day. Personally, I think they prefer to get most of their work done before the midday, because from noon to three, it is a little toasty outside. In fact it is not uncommon to see a whole fleet of road workers, or cable techs, or any outdoor crew taking a nap alongside the road during their lunch hour; and they come prepared with mats, and hats to cover their eyes for their afternoon siesta. They worry not about the snakes, mosquitos, ants or scorpions, or any other critter, for they know that the critters are far too smart to be out that time of day. Perhaps this is the secret of dealing with the midday heat. I will be unable to tell until I give it at least a one year test, so check back in a year and I will let you know.



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