The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Infinite Pleasure; guaranteed.

While Guanacaste is not known for its massive shopping options, Liberia does have some stores that are fun to frequent. First of all, one needs to understand that the towns in Guanacaste  appear to have lacked the vision of a city planner. Instead, they are built around a town center. Everything emanates from the town center. Liberia, the biggest city in Guanacaste is no exception. There is a beautiful town center right next to the big Catholic cathedral. Then all around that are little shops, shoe stores, electronics, clothes, food, shoes, and more shoes. They like their shoes here. Everything is made to be within walking distance from the town center. For those who drive, it is exceptionally scary as cars park anywhere they want, taxis and locals ignore traffic lights, and skateboarders seem to have as much right as any car on the road. To further complicate matters, there are dozens of unmarked one way streets. The only way to tell, peer down the road and see if there are cars parked facing the way you want to go.

Liberia Catholic Church

Needless to say, it is better to park and walk when you need to do some serious shopping. Now I am like most men and I don’t enjoy shopping. I don’t mind buying, I just don’t like shopping. I can hike for 20 miles, through marsh, alders and mountains looking for a deer with tiny little antlers, but 10 minutes in a mall and my back feels as if it requires immediate surgery. However, I have found a new joy in Liberia. I have found these discount stores that sell stuff from all over the worlds, knock offs of actual products, and the best part, they are translated from Spanish, to English by Chinese. This makes for a great time as I search diligently for new and improved translations. It is almost like hunting, and the best part, I don’t have to spend any money. It is my own personal treasure hunt. I have a few here I would like to share with you.

Costa Rican ingenuity

I have always wanted to find the best welcome gift for children

Hmmmm, this looks familiar.

Look on the bottom right corner, this is a deluxe racing sport.

Infinite pleasure, that's a pretty high standard. I still play with mine!

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