The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Spring Festival 2012

This past weekend was the 2012 Spring Festival sponsored and conducted by the Beach Community Church in Brasilito Costa Rica. Last year the event was held in Tamarindo at the skate park, this year the venue was moved to the Village in Brasilito. What is a spring festival you ask? Great question. The spring festival is an event geared towards younger kids; There are jumping castles, there are games, there is candy, there are free snacks, there is a message about the real meaning of Easter, and the grand finale is an Easter egg hunt. The best part, the whole event is free!

Livy helping to hide the eggs.

Wolfy, sneaking a peek at the eggs pre-event.

Jake taking notes for later.

Raffle for missions.

Dave bringing the pre-open pep talk and prayer.

This was the events sophomore year, and although I was unable to attends last years event, it would be hard to imagine it going much better. There were approximately 100 kids, and most of them brought at least one of their adults with them. There were great games like the Sponge Bob sponge toss, the Spiderman Castle, soccer kick, frisbee toss, Jonah and the whale fishing and on and on. There were fantastic arts and crafts, face painting, balloon animal creation, and magical egg designs. It was slightly chaotic at times, hot all the time, and fun, fun,fun.

The main event, the obstacle course bouncy castle.

Mike the balloon man getting ready for business.

Bud and Brock taking a moment from their labor to pose.

Soccer kick in action.

Dorian working the frisbee toss

Daniel and Dave making the rounds.

Jake in the obstacle course

Events like this don’t just make themselves, it takes months of planning, many volunteers, 50 to be exact, and commitment. But most of all it takes blood, sweat and tears. In Costa Rica it takes mostly sweat. It takes sweat to set up bouncing castles and obstacles that weigh 500 pounds, it takes sweat to pop a dozen raw bags of popcorn, it takes sweat to transfer a dozen wooden games to the venue, and it takes sweat to hide 1200 Easter eggs, lots of sweat. In fact enough sweat that most men came prepared with several shirts for the day, and we didn’t even sweat the small stuff!


Tracy had one of the most popular games, which led to a lot of work.

Pastor Lyle leading a group game before bringing a short Easter message.

Tired baby.

But every single drop was worth it. Every swipe of the brow, sponged off bald head and wadded up soaking wet t-shirt was all worth it. Kids that have very few activities, kids that do not attend a church, kids that perhaps do not know the true meaning of Easter, each and every one of them heard a message of love from Pastor Lyle, and received some great story books. The best part, they brought their adults with them and they heard the message as well. It was easy to gauge the event by the flashes of smiles, the screams of joy and the sweaty painted faces running through the venue, and that was just the volunteers!

Gathering around for the Easter egg hunt, or gather as is more aptly described.

I think there's one right there.


Seems like a lot of big kids in the 2 year old group.

We found one!

Look Mommy a pink one!

This guy is in full concentration mode.

little princess.

It was a taxing, tiring, tremendous day. The grand finale, the 1200 egg hunt was a bit of slightly organized chaos. Due to the amount of children, we instituted a 10 egg limit. The limit, much like the local speed limit, seemed to be more of a suggestion than the law that we had intended, as we saw great liberty taken as mounds of eggs departed in mother’s purses and bags. However, we were confident that everyone left with eggs, candy, and memories, some with a little more than others.

Lauren squatting for a better scan.

I think this makes number 10!

Hey daddy, is this an egg?

Daddy doing the final count.

Booty time!

At the end of the day a seed was planted and it was watered with the sweat of our brow. We can only pray that they take hold and grow a little until next year when we can water them once again, and perhaps plant a new field.

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  1. MO

    Hello Glenn you are so gifted , I thank GOD every day for your presence in our church
    May The Lord watch over you and your lovely family
    Your head Brother

    April 2, 2012 at 5:26 pm

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