The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Songs, Sermons, Sushi; an Epic Gang Youth Group Event

As I have mentioned many times before, you have to be creative when trying to plan activities in this region of the world. It is even far more difficult when trying to plan for youth group events, other than the regular youth group meetings. Most often they involve a beach day of some sort. However, our friend and professional chef Mike Finch had an inspiration for a youth event that came to fruition last week, sushi night. Not just eating sushi, but learning how to make sushi and then eating the sushi.

Prep work

Veggies waiting to be eaten

sushi fillers

Ready to roll, literally.

Our guide for the evening.

Protein! That's what I am talking about.

Elizabeth's beautiful creation. Too pretty to eat, to hot to eat.

The event was a great success. We had 24 youth and several adults show up, packing out our casa. It was everything a youth event should be, gathering to sing some worship songs, a short message from Mike, and then the rice was flying.

Anton and Dorian patiently waiting for action.

Ben and Elizabeth leading us in some songs.

Olivia and Ben, didn't ask, didn't want to know.

Dave introducing Chef Mike to the soon to the sushi recruits.

Listening to Mike bring the word.

While groups of four learned how to roll sushi, the others were often playing epic games led by Braden and Brock. I didn’t get to see what they were playing, but apparently screaming the loudest was the most important aspect of sure victory, and they all wanted to win.

Ready, set, roll.

You must have deep concentration grasshopper.

The rice was flying and the soy sauce was spilling, but it was all good.

Braden was so excited he started eating his sushi a little early.

Of course the best part of the night was the sushi sampling, of which I was fortunate enough to participate in. There was salmon, artificial crab, shrimp, and fresh tuna. For the veggies we had cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes and avocados. Of course there was also ginger, wasabi ( extra hot) and soy sauce.

Well balanced

Heavy on the protein!

Almost done

The event was a fantastic success, and despite our concern, the only person to get cut was me! I am sure this will spurn further educational cooking events for the Epic Gang of Youth of Guanacaste; Perhaps fondue! On second thought, hot oil, hot cheese, mini spears…….. I ‘ll let you know.

Ready for me.


Bud wants to share. Brock, does not.

I think Dorian missed a step, or he was craving a burrito.

And of course there is always dessert provided by my lovely wife. chocolate, snicker, peanut butter cupcakes. It's a mouthful.

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