The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

A Blended Family

Our big move to Central America has made me realize that we are a blended family. Sure, in Alaska we were somewhat of a blended family, but not to the extent that has emerged as we struggle to adapt to our new surroundings. In fact, in Alaska I am convinced that we were more of a frothy family, with slight hints of blending, primarily in June or July. But here the climate begs for blended families. Fruit is cheap and always available, ice is sold everywhere, and the heat, the constant searing heat has your core begging for relief in the form of a chill. So we blend. We blend in the morning, we blend at noon and we blend at night. We have yet to discover a bad time to blend, unless of course everyone in the house is sleeping, especially mom or dad.

The remnants of a pineapple, orange, mango, coconut smoothie.

In the morning I might start with a strawberry yogurt smoothie, in lieu of eggs. A great refreshing way to cool the core and start the day. After an intense workout, covered in sweat, drained of all energy from the workout and the 85 degree gym, I long for my coffee protein blend with ice and coconut milk. The first cool coffee laden sip that crosses my lips and cools my throat all the way down to my inner core is the reward my body craves. The only way it could be any cooler is if I poured it over my head.

secret ingredients

Then in the late afternoon or evening is when Tracy steps in; A banana mango smoothie, a piña colada smoothie, or whatever combination of fresh fruit she has sitting around. In the mid day scorching heat, the frozen smoothie is like a personal air conditioner.

My frothy post workout vanilla protein and coffee smoothie, or heaven in a cup.

As important as the Keurig single serve coffee maker was to us in Alaska, our Vitamax Blender has become here. It is well used and regarded as an essential part of our day, adding that tasty cup of joy, energy and chill that gives us that brief escape from the sweat dripping off our bodies. It is our midday/ evening coffee of the south, the far south, and although I may get a brain freeze once in a while, I have yet to burn my tongue.

Piña Colada smoothie chilling in the fridge

One response

  1. Lana Willingham

    This is for Tracy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    Please send me your email address. Mine is for work and at home is . I MISS U AND HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!


    March 5, 2012 at 8:55 am

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