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Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style

You know they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here? It is just like any other Thursday, except hotter. Okay, we knew the holidays would be much different, that traditions would change, that our perception of what a holiday was would likely change, we were right. For as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving has been major tradition at our house, old friends and family we only see once a year, basketball games, fried turkey, same old side dishes, new dishes, dozens of pies, naps, games and then Black Friday, Tracy’s favorite holiday. That is what we did, every year. No questions asked as you can see from these past posts. (Tradition GAS Holiday Roads )Well now, at least this year, it was quite different. This year we attended a big feast and gathering at our church. There was a lot of turkey,side dishes, desserts,  some games and a lot of fellow-shipping. It was certainly fun, but it wasn’t tradition. It was new, it was hot and it didn’t feel like “Thanksgiving”. It felt more like a very fun church potluck. Plus, there were no pies, other than the single serving apple pies Tra made.

some traditions can never go away! Speedy Buns Rule!!!

If you could only smell the finished product, your keyboard would be drenched in drool.

do you see any pies on this dessert table?

Furthermore, as I stated before, Costa Rica obviously does not celebrate Thanksgiving, so it was just a normal day. No festivities, lots of people at the beach, surfing, swimming, shopping etc. etc. Just like every other day. It appears that they did have their version of Black Friday in San Jose, but it was limited to a few stores. Besides it’s not really Black Friday if you aren’t freezing to death waiting to get inside the store. And 50% off of “way to expensive” is not really that great of a deal. However, I took the time to teach our friend and guard how to say Happy Thanksgiving in English, and told him to tell every Americano he sees. Within an hour he was stuffed. After two days he told me “too much Happy Thanksgiving” signaling that he could not eat another bite, as he held up yet another meal on a paper plate. It may take some time, but I will soon teach him the ways of the over indulging Americanos.

Now this looks traditional. It was very yummy as well!

Dave Olsen keeping the kids happy. There are no fiestas in Costa Rica without a Pinata.

one view of BCC with over 100 guests. Note BCC Feud playing on the screen.

another view.

Kassie patiently waiting for food.

Mom and Alli waiting to eat.

Kids table playing the feud.

So we had fun, but it wasn’t the traditional frenzied weekend that we have become accustomed to loving. It was quite relaxing, maybe a little too Pura Vida for our American souls.  Perhaps over time we will change our view of Thanksgiving and become accustomed to wearing t-shirts and shorts, and spending the evening watching the sunset on the beach, as we did this year. Perhaps that will be our new tradition. One thing for sure, no matter what, next time there must be pie.

Here are some shots of our Thanksgiving late afternoon and evening at Flamingo Beach.

Jeremy waiting on a wave on Thanksgiving eve.

Jeremy waiting on one last wave

Jake and KassieKassieFlamingo

Dad and Dorian having a Thanksgiving boogie board battle.

Jeremy and Dad battling it out


Alli searching for jewelry prospects.

Flamingo Breaker

Ben working hard on Thanksgiving for a wave with all that extra turkey weight.


Dad swimming hard

Never spent Thanksgiving in the Pacific Ocean before.

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