The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

A September Christmas to Remember

You know how kids are when Christmas draws near? They are always smiling, antsy with anticipation, giddy with glee, and doing the dinosaur clap with their hands anxiously waiting for that new Xbox,doll or smart phone. It doesn’t matter the present, its theirs and its unknown and its exciting. They exude joy and it overflows into all those around. They are beaming, happy and impatiently patient. It is almost shame they have to open the presents, for if we could just leave them sitting there for all time then  perhaps they would always be this fun and pleasant. The anticipation is better than the event.

Now picture in your mind the same actions, only by an adult. The smiling , the running around, the jumping up and down perhaps a cheerleader kick thrown in for good measure and don’t forget the t-rex small arms clap and a smile so big it can’t help but make you warm inside, which on a 95 degree day is not always a good thing. Well that was Tracy this afternoon. Why was she so excited? Because today her stuff arrived. That stuff she packed away and shipped back in May, it arrived today. And when the phone call came she got her celebration on.

Francisco beginning the unpacking on a 95 degree day

Now none of the stuff that came was new, it was all old, packed and shipped from our Alaskan home. So why so excited? Because, it is parts of home, parts of who we are and parts of who we were. It is the small suff that makes use feel at home, that eases those slight tensions of something new. They are parts that ground us and make the adjustment much easier. They come with memories and emotions and they have been missing in action for almost 5 months. No longer. And within hours pictures were hung stencils applied, kitchens stocked and bikes road.

never been so happy to see some old totes n coolers

doing my due diligence to make sure everything, especially the Mac, came intact.

Me, well I don’t get excited over stuff. I am far and above that. FYI, my Mac and coffee maker are not “stuff” they are essential items of survival. Therefore when I pulled my groin doing a double split jump in celebration, it was to celebrate my spouse’s happiness and not “stuff”. None-the-less we are grateful for another victory!

ever see someone so happy to see some mixing bowls?

2 responses

  1. Becky Smith

    Oh, I love it!! Yes, I can certainly understand Tracy’s excitement! I like my stuff!!! Wow, can’t believe it took THAT long!! Bless you guys! We sure miss you and love your family!!

    September 15, 2011 at 3:22 pm

  2. Praise God for yet another small victory!!! Although to me, like Tracy, I think this would fall more in the catagory of “bigger than small victory”! It’s not so much the “stuff” as it is the familiarity and the memories related to the “stuff”. It’s like comfort food, only it’s comfort “things”. So happy for you! Another fantastic posting, Glen!

    Connie Rhoads

    September 16, 2011 at 7:29 am

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