The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Small Victories

As we near our 3 month anniversary as ex-pats here in Costa Rica, the overwhelming theme has become small victories. For new comers to this country, victories are as rare as an iceberg off the coast of Flamingo Beach. What are victories? Well to me victories are things that you can check of your list. The list you made before moving, the all important things that must be done so that you can succeed in your move. For instance, my list contains items such as getting our stuff here, opening a local bank account, buying a car, getting our residency started etc. Definitely not a daunting list by any means. In fact, I bet you if I had just transferred somewhere in the states, I could have finished the list in a morning. However, from the aforementioned list we have accomplished one thing and one thing only.

The obvious pick is that we got our stuff here. Of course, Tracy prepared, packed and planned all of this in May. Our stuff was shipped in May. It was due to arrive here in June. We had thought ahead, we had prepared and we were ready to reap. Instead, nearly 5 months later our stuff is ” on its way”. Supposedly it is here in the country while customs goes through the loads of school books, bikes, clothing, cooking utensils, computers and other necessary items. How long does customs take? It depends on how you ask and what you have. We are praying we see it before our six month anniversary.

So the next logical choice is the bank account right? Just bring some money in, fill out a couple forms,show an ID and passport and voila you have an account. Negative. I mean before I left the states I opened a new account with an online bank all over my computer in less than 10 minutes. But, I should have known better the first time I went into the bank and the teller said ” it is impossible for you to open an account with what you have.” He handed me a list of seven items, including a bill saying that I live here, a corporation, a letter from my accountant, some blood and a child. Eight trips to the bank, a dozen trips to my attorney, and still no account. I am told I am getting close though.

Residency, well that takes a year on average, so we haven’t attempted to scratch that itch yet. So our newest victory is our car. We finally got it. Again, eight trips to the dealer, four trips to my attorney’s office, dozens of phone calls, and five rental cars later we have a car. A car that was paid for two months ago, ordered a month before that, promised to be delivered to me the first week of August, then the next Monday, then the next Monday over and over again. It was a great way to learn that Lunes is Spanish for Monday. Finally I was absolutely positively no doubt about it going to have the keys in my hands this past Monday, over six weeks later. Needless to say, I got the keys on Wednesday, and very happy to have them.

If anything it certainly makes you appreciate things much more. It is hard to learn to get rid of the constant angst that wells up in your gut as you feel helpless to get things done. You don’t know the procedures, you don’t know which piece of advice is the best and you don’t know where to go. You may not know the language, you may not even know what you really want, but you have to get something done, you have to get something off that list. Perhaps I am learning to live in God’s timing and not in Glenn’s timing.

So now without further adieu I take out my giant ballpoint pen cross “get a car” off that list, and it feels great! Something is done, something critically important. Now if I could just figure out how to get insurance. Oh well, at least I have a way to get between my insurance agent’s and attorney’s office the minimal eight times it will take to figure it out.

The new ride styling in the new driveway.

Jake and Kassie taking a second from the pool to pose. The new van holds 12 persons, and not much else.

Thank you Lord for this victory, and we look forward to many more in your time.

One response

  1. Jaimee

    Wow, this story sure makes me question our perspective on inconvenience. It almost makes me wonder if we’d all do better to be forced to wait more often. Probably not what you want to hear….. ! They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, but sadly some of us don’t even have the discipline to wait for THAT. Love the new car. They somehow managed to get a 12-seater to look streamlined.

    September 12, 2011 at 4:07 pm

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