The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Florida part II, Seaworld, Aquatica and my favorite new roller coaster!

I know, I am very late getting this blog up, but as I have said before vacations are extremely busy, and moving is even busier. We finished our time in Orlando with a visit to Seaworld and a couple visits to Aquatica, a new waterpark. At Seaworld I met my new favorite roller coaster; A shiny blue beast named Manta. After my first ride, in the front row mind you, I was hooked. It was different from any other coaster I have ever ridden. You see when you sit down your feet dangle until the safety bar is pulled down, and the with a loud click they are locked in place. Within seconds the seats lift upon you causing you to be vertical, just like superman, and you do the whole ride that way. There are twists, turns, loops, curls whirls and even a splashing as your feet drag through water. It is pretty exhilarating and I saw nothing but smiles at the end.

We also visited some old favorites like the Kraken, Atlantis, the penguins and Shamu. It was a long hot day, but entertaining for all. We also managed to get a couple of visits in to the new Aquatica waterpark. Overall I think we liked that park better than Wet and Wild. The rides were not as intense, but it was much more family friendly. There was something for people of every age and plenty to do or not to do. We even went back a second time to try new things. Overall I think our favorite feature was the rapid lazy river, a contradiction I know, but you have to try it. I became a master of lazy river skiing, and was quick to give out advice to others on the art. Oh, and you guessed it, every night as we left the WATER PARK, the kids would be asking to go in the pool as soon as we got home.

Finally it was time to leave Orlanda and after several more trips to Walmart, and two new suitcases we left our townhouse at 0630 hours en route for what was to be a long day. However, I will save that for the next blog. This one is for fun. So enjoy the video I made special for Jolynn since she enjoys roller coasters so much. I have to give a shout out to Jeremy because he was able to video the rides after I got busted with my phone out. Way to break the rules son! Like father like son.



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