The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Gonna miss those Shenanigans.

Eight times that I can remember. That is how many times I have moved from one city to another since Jr High. Three of those times involved a state to state move. On one hand this has helped me to adapt easily, to interact easily and to make friends quickly. On the other hand, each time I leave somewhere, I leave someone who has affected my life. I also find that with each move, leaving becomes incrementally harder. The relationships I build are deeper and more meaningful; we as a family become more engrained in the town we are living in with schools, sports, work and most importantly our Church family. So thus it makes it incredibly more difficult to actually visualize leaving, and even harder to follow through. However, now that we live in the era of electronic relationships, I have noticed that breaking up is not quite as hard to do. Shoot, I know what 1/2 the people I went to college with are doing every hour, and what their kids are doing every 15 minutes; I didn’t know that much about them when I went to school with them, nor did I really care, just as they probably could care less when my status is ” ugghh another Monday”.

Niki caught in the act of taking the whole gallon of ice cream from the ice cream social.

Ty & Nya in their Sunday best.

I don’t write about this because we are leaving, I write about this because we have some friends that are leaving. No one likes to see friends leave, and in this case these are really good people and really good friends. Their kids have been in this blog many times, they have been over to our house many times, they have prayed for us, cried for us, encouraged us, guided us and loved us. They have deeply affected the path of our life and their influence will forever be present in our lives. I likely would’ve never started this blog if it hadn’t been for Ty and his influence from Schemanski Senanigans. Shoot, I gave Niki my most valuable commenter award two years in a row, and they have appeared in our blog many occasions. It has been fun to see their family grow, and grow over the last few years. Their openness, involvement, faith and leadership will be greatly missed. Michigan is gaining a great Godly family that will influence many lives in a positive way.

Ellis showing us a Schemanski Shmile.

So to the Schemanskis, Ty, Niki, Nya and Elli we bid you adieu. You will be missed as you leave a gaping hole in many aspects of many people’s lives. Thank you so much for all you have done and we are excited to hear what you will be doing. We are happy for you and your adventure and we look forward to every status update, but I predict one that will read ” we really love it here, but we do miss Alaska and our friends” will eventually show up on my wall. And to that I will smile and hit the like button as I comment ” we miss you too, and I told you so”.


One response

  1. Ty

    Wow, thanks Glen. Those were very kind words. We feel blessed to be your friends as well and look forward to visiting you in Costa Rica! I’ve wanted to go there for some time, but now we’ll have a valid excuse!

    April 5, 2011 at 8:11 am

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