The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Iron Puppy

Muscles, bones and brain aching, legs begging to be stretched out as your knees tighten in the blowing snow; The wind whistles through the small crack on the left side of your helmet, right where the ice is building up from the bits of exhale that escape from the corner of your mouth.It is oddly louder than the high pitched whine of the machine. Six hours into your ride and your thumb is aching and begging for a break from the throttle. Every mogul, every turn, helps to jolt you awake, as you laugh to yourself amazed that one could even think of sleep in conditions as this. In the distance you see a moose and unlike the moose at home, this one is not used to the revving of the man made machine and trots off into sickly looking look trees to seek the minimal shelter they provide.  “Only 1000 miles to go” you say out loud to yourself, just to break the monotony.

You are in the middle of the Iron Dog race, the longest, toughest, craziest snow machine race in the world. A race 1900 miles over some of the roughest riding terrain in Alaska. The moguls are true moguls bred from the stumps of the tundra, and often hidden due to the shadowless white world. The trail is new every year, laid by God through the natural weather of his earth. It is a true Alaskan man’s dream, the misery, pain, machine, self-denial, battling the elements, and eventually triumph over all of it, perhaps with a touch of frostbite, locked knees and a right thumb that looks like it has been pumping iron longer than the left thumb has been alive.

I write about the  Iron Dog because it is currently being raced right here in my state. To illustrate the difficulty of such an endeavor, prior to the halfway point, 11 of the 28 teams have already scratched; mind, machines, or body broke and unable to continue. However, I am breeding a new generation of racer, a brother and sister team. A team that will never surrender, that will be mentally and physcially strong. A team that will trust fully in God and fear nothing except losing. Although our training is in the early stages, I have seen promise and I have included a movie trailer to show what the VanMeter’s and Palin’s will have to contend with in a few short years. Soon, their story of victory and triumph and how the beat the odds coming from humble beginnings will be known world wide. But today, only you the select chosen few will get a sneak peek into the dynamic blizzard known only as the Iron Puppies.

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