The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Snow Dayz

This year we are trying to make the most of our snow time. Recently we had some weekend guests in the form of the four Daniels boys. This gave the boys the opportunity to do some sledding, shredding and snowboarding, along with some gaming, air soft wars, magnet projects and much more. It was an all dudes weekend. The highlight came we went to the sand pit to try out the boards for some sweet tricks. When I say we, I mean I went and took some video with my iphone. I did not for one second think about getting on the snow board. At this age I prefer to keep my legs and skull intact and unbroken. As it was, I did fall in the snow and get my hands and my phone wet, man was it cold! ( yeh I am getting soft) I shuddered when I saw that Jace was snowboarding with his tennis shoes on, and at the end of the day his feet paid for it, but for him it was worth it. I could tell because he managed to get a couple runs in before church the next morning, in this same shoes with the same swollen feet.

Although I did fall down and get a little snow on my hands and on my phone, I too braved on and pushed forward. I steadied myself and brushed the two flakes of snow off of my hand and continued to video, knowing that I had the potential to catch something special, ala Warren Miller. So try not to think about the suffering I endured to catch the perfect shot. Try not to worry about the extreme extent I went to get the right setting in the right light, and absolutely ignore the fact that I was sitting in the warm truck for the closing shots. Instead, just enjoy the art while I go soak my hands in luke warm water and pray for the feeling to return.



One response

  1. granny in mo

    enjoyed the show Loved the music miss you all ! Granny in Mo!

    February 1, 2011 at 8:09 pm

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