The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Home for Sale

It is no surprise that our house has been on the market for a few months now. Selling a house is a daunting task, all the more so when you have a tassel of kids running around, all the more so X 2 when they are home-schooled, and all the more so X 3 when one of the people living in the house is me. At a moment’s notice you must be ready to show the house. Toys all put up, paint all touched up, dishes washed, windows and floors scrubbed, all evidence of dogs and kids gone, in fact all evidence of life completely washed away. Needless to say, this adds a wee bit of stress to the family unit.

The good news, all those projects I have been putting off for the past 5 years, well they are getting done at a fierce pace. It is amazing how fast those 5 minute projects add up. It must be some type of new math, because five five minute projects should equal 25 minutes of work. Yet those five projects have taken about two weeks to complete. So either my incompetence is shining through, or I carried a 1 or something when I did the calculation.

working inside.....

....... on the deck

There are still a myriad of things we would love to get done, but I have to weigh my laziness against the odds of that task improving our house’s chance of selling. The formula would look something like S= (G-L)M, Sale = Glenn – Laziness* Motivator, again you know how my math is.

Since we have shown the house at least 6 times, it is becoming somewhat of a fire drill. It is funny how at first you have this great hope that they will love your house and buy it on the spot, but with every showing that does not lead to an offer that hope slowly diminishes, almost to the point of not even wanting to clean up the house. It quickly becomes tedious and tiresome, yet we know that we must and we know that God’s timing is perfect. However, living it and knowing it are often two different things. The hardest part is figuring out where to go when they are in your house; McDonald’s, Starbucks, Freddies, Walmart, or just drive around. The whole while questioning, “how long have they been there? ” ” Did you fix the knob on the closet door?” ” What about the ice in the driveway?”

... outside with Dorian in my sweet T-top

The last house we sold stayed on the market for over 6 weeks in a hot market. But God knew that we would need that house due to an unforeseen emergency and the day that the emergency struck I signed the papers on the house, sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital, and we lived in it for the next six weeks as needed: true story. The timing was perfect, even though it didn’t feel like it to us at the time.

... even Shyla jumped in to help. Her ears kept getting caught in the drill, so she was relegated to hammer duty.

So the next time someone wants to look at the house, you can find me with a screw driver riding high in my back pocket in the garage, shed, or my office finishing up those projects that I ignore as I write this blog, while Tracy covers the rest the house like the Tasmanian Devil. I don’t know how she does it but I do know she works best late at night, cuz I can hear her spinning around the house into the wee hours. Me, I unfortunately still live by the motto I came up with years ago, procrastination is the greatest motivator. Whoops, just got a call  we have another showing tomorrow. Guess I better go grab that screwdriver.

P.S. I have set up a blog for the house, all finished with lots of pictures. If you want to take a look at it click below, and if you want to buy it just let me know!

Your AK Home is ready and waiting!

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