The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

I remember when:

Scrolling through my iphone I am often amazed at the luxuries of life that seemed to slowly develop into a “necessary” part of my life. I often snicker to myself when I think back to the way things were, and I roll my eyes when I recall how it was for my mom & dad or my grandparents, or so they tell me. I used sit in fascination listening to them tell me of the old days and how hard it was. Yet, as they spoke you could see their lips curl up in near formation of a smile, and their eyes glisten as they half preach half story-tell from their memory.

I find it easy to recall the good times and to glamorize the bad times. It will always be better for our generation,and that goes for every generation. And I imagine as I sit in my anti-gravity rocking chair with a warm blanket hung around my shoulders, slippers donned upon my feet and a grandchild or two sitting on my lap, I too will tell stories of the good and bad times; the times before 4G and wireless internet, the times prior to electric cars and wrist top computers, and as the kids look into my face holding their 3D holographic i-air, smelling the ultra organic coffee tablet upon my breath, they will see a smile creep up and my eyes glisten as I recall the glorious bad times and the wonderful good times, longing to go back. Until then, and in honor of the New Year, I thought I would share some of the things I remember, in hopes that it would jog your memory and cause you to smile just a touch, and that you too would share with all of us some of yours.

I remember when:

All phones had cords.

Green color is a bonus.

Dialing a phone actually meant you had to turn a dial with your finger, and if you had a party line you had to wait for your neighbor to hang up. If you wanted to make a collect call, you had to call the operator and tell her, yes it was always a her, what you wanted to do.

Velcro first appeared on shoes, my blue Roos.

I saw my first VCR, it was the size of a small Volkswagen. I remember the first movie I watched on the VCR, it was not age appropriate.

You had to crush the keys on a typewriter to make it work, and there was no backspace, and if you pressed more than one key; traffic jam! ( Thanks to Emily & Phil and their sign in at their wedding for this one, classic!)

Movie theaters used to be huge and used to show double features, and you didn’t have to get a 90 days same as cash loan to get some snacks. I remember watching Godzilla at a double feature and being in awe of such an awesome creature.

Cartoons weren’t on 24/7 on 13 different channels. If you wanted to watch cartoons you got up early on Saturday, turned on the TV, watched the snow on tv and waited for the national anthem while eating copious amounts of cereal. Even then they were only on for 3-4 hours, most of which was Bugs Bunny, and often cut short if that stupid Wide World of Sports came on.

errr, what's up doc?

We got so excited for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, not for the celebration but because we got “bonus” cartoons like Charlie Brown, or Riki Tiki Tavi.

We used to spend hours looking through the Sears or JC Penney catalog circling our wants and desires for birthdays and Christmas. We had to do this in June so that they would arrive by Christmas.

They always come back in style, that's why I still have ll my stuff

When we went to McDonalds we actually had to tell them that we wanted a Big Mac, Large Fries and a medium 7-UP. You did not order by number because that had not been invented yet. The only numbers were on your bill, and it was less than $5.

I saw my first remote control, it was for a VCR and it was connected with a long cord, which seems to be a good way to keep from losing the remote.

classic remote, again along the lines of having to crush the buttons to make it work. We were stronger and skinnier then because of all this extra calorie burning.

I saw my first cell phone, it was connected to a car battery ( at least it looked like one) and a guy brought it into a restaurant I was working at and he actually got a call. Thing is, he was yelling so loud into the phone he didn’t even need the phone, I am sure the guy would’ve heard him just fine without it.

The only way you got bottled water was to use one of your used Coke bottles and fill it up with tap water.

I saw my first TV show, it was Captain Kangaroo in black and white on a 10 inch TV, with a UHF and VHF dial. Unfortunately I haven’t turned the TV off since then!

The Captain! That moose is Legal!

I played my first video game, it was pong on that same TV. I was amazed, and we played for hours; after all it seemed to take hours to set up. In my memory, I was quite dominant.

Perhaps hockey, table tennis, soccer, lacrosse, and water polo were all inspired by Pong.

Atari was all the rage.  I used to get blisters and have black smudge from the rubber control on my hands from Space Invaders and Drag Racing all night long.

I had my first experience with the internet; A geek friend of mine, I think his name was William Gates, made me watch during my lunch hour while we waited for something to arrive over the internet to him. I didn’t know what that meant, or where it was coming from, but I clearly remember what it was.  A sandwich, bag of Cheetos, Coke and Thirty minutes later the magic file arrived. He opened it, clicked on it and then I heard Homer Simpson say “Doh” I was amazed, as he clicked it over and over, and obviously I never forgot it.

I got my first computer, it was an Apple II C with a 7 inch green screen monitor. I needed a 5.7 inch floppy to disk to boot the computer, and other than play Space Invaders or Conan the Barbarian, I don’t know what else I did with it. I had a dot matrix printer with the tear away paper with holes on the edge as my printer. I still love the sound of the dot matrix.

My Apple II C, space age technology at the time

I bought my first cd player. I was the only one of my friends that had one and I could only afford one CD, ZZ Top. I remember being fascinated at how fast it spun.

I first heard music through a Walkman. I was amazed at the sound and kept telling Jack, my friend who had told me to listen to his Walkman, to listen at how amazing it sounded. He kept saying, ” I know , I know its mine”.

When I saw my first collection of Laser Discs a neighbor had. I thought he was on the cutting edge, I just didn’t know it was on the edge of extinction.

I had my first piece of Bublicious, I thought it was bubble delicious, soft and huge, for about 72 seconds until it became a rock.

Finally, I remember when my iphone only had one camera lens and no flash, those were hard times.

There’s just a taste and I know there are tons more out there, and they are all different depending on your generation. So share some with us in the comments section so we can all enjoy and recall the good old days when the teenage kids were punks and things were much tougher, and we can small just a little with you.

2 responses

  1. Niki

    Thank you for this!!! What a great stroll down memory lane 🙂 I would have to add that the diminished production of banana clips and those big rings for holding your t-shirt to the side makes me long for the good ol days… Tracy will know what I mean 🙂

    January 13, 2011 at 10:01 am

  2. liz

    this is hilarious, you my friend are so funny.

    January 13, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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