The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

soaking wet dead rabbits

What in the world is a soaking wet dead rabbit, you ponder. Well it is a bit of long story, hence the blog. You see we weren’t doing much on Labor Day, so we decided to make a few calls and see if anyone wanted to do a little bbqing. We ended up having a few people show up for some impromptu unplanned bbq action. Surprise, one of those groups was the Daniels clan. Prior to all this, we had been enjoying selling stuff on Craigslist, lots of stuff; It is quite addicting. One of the things we had for sale was a drum set, which I had put outside the garage waiting for the intended buyers. Just Prior to this, Ben had gotten an electric guitar for his birthday, with an amp. And if you have ever come over for a late night Karaoke session, you know we always have microphone on hand. Now, the stage is set, literally.

So as the adults sat inside chatting and eating, we started hearing some “music” coming from outside. I snuck out to investigate and what I saw was a garage band, or more literally an outside the garage band. Jace had taken lead on the guitar, Ben had started drumming (which I did not know he could do or I would not have sold the drums) Kayden had grabbed some maracas and Jo/ Livy was playing the keyboard, all outside the garage. And the shocker of it all, it actually sounded pretty decent, at least as good as some of the videos I have seen on YouTube. The best part, it was an impromptu jam, which has never happened at our house, unless you include Tracy and I screaming Air Supply songs at the top of our lungs, which if done in the right room are quite touching. It actually made me feel like we were the “cool house” even more than usual.

I know, I know what does this have to do with soaking wet dead rabbits!? Well, you see during all this Livy and Livy were up to something, sneaking around the house. We could tell the two animal lovers were trying to accomplish some wilderness adventure, and soon we found out what it was. They had found a dead rabbit near the neighbor’s house and decided to carry it around and show people. It was quite a lovely endeavor for two pretty young ladies, and pretty much right up their alley. Immediately we yelled at them to throw that thing away, the same way we did with the dead birds, dead mice, dead hamsters and dead critter they had found over the years.

Then, at some point Angie was commenting about the day and mentioned those darn girls and that “soaking wet dead rabbit”. Instantly it struck me, that is the name of the band. They sound, look, and were born on the day of the “soaking wet dead rabbit”. So stay tuned to your YouTube, iTunes and Zune because very soon I predict the first single will be released of the Soaking Wet Dead Rabbits, followed by a live concert at our place. You’ll just have to dodge a few dead animals along the way.  And if it goes well, I predict an Air Supply cover band will soon follow, with yours truly as the lead.

Until then, please for you to enjoy, the first two songs combined into one, from the Soaking Wet Dead Rabbits ( with special guest Jrew Dee on vocals)

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