The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Home School Hazard

I love that Tracy puts the time and considerable effort in home schooling our kids. I love her passion for the curriculum and community and her drive and desire to make sure that each and every one of them gets the attention they need. I love that she gets to spend so much time with each kid, and that they very quickly learn how to read their lesson plans for the day and get school done. I worried how Dorian and Alli would do attending SoHi full-time for the first ever as sophomores. It turns out my worries are in vain, as they are doing exceptionally well. However, there are some hazards. You see since they don’t “go” to school, they do their experiments, and art projects all at home, and while that is usually great, there are times when it is a little discomforting.

Imagine coming home after a long day at work. Your stomach grumbling just a touch, that hollow empty grumble that demands immediate attention. You walk into the well stocked pantry, reach over to the right and flip on the light switch. Immediately you see that plastic little drawers reserved for “dad” with his special snacks. Three steps later you are in front of the drawers and in your face you see the following:

Which molds quicker, wet bread, toast or dry bread? And why is it on "my" snack drawer.

This was Kassie’s experiment. The experiment was to see which molds quicker, wet bread or toast. I love that she had to put the sign up to make sure nobody touched her experiment. What I don’t love is that she hung it on my snack drawer, and I was hungry enough that it actually looked pretty decent.

So even though it is great to see the projects, art work, home work and lessons for the day, I have learned to be wary of home school hazards. And the first time I reach into the fridge for my after work snack, and pull out a half dissected frog, it will be time to re-think this whole home school thing, as soon as I finish my frog legs.

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