The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Thanks a Latte

Having traveled a bit recently, I have come to realize that there are many advantages to living in Alaska. However, none has become more apparent than coffee. Yes, I know you can get coffee anywhere, but you can’t get coffee like we have coffee. You see here in Alaska we do our coffee by drive-by. If you are new or just visiting , you will see this skinny storage sheds with windows on both sides all along side our most traveled roads. These are not storage sheds, they are our local bean pushers. When it is 20 below zero, you really don’t want to get out of your car unless you have to, and for coffee, we don’t have to. On my drive into work, I pass at least  8 of them, and we are in a very small town of about 8,000. Yet there is almost always a car at the window getting its daily fix, or in some cases getting its third or fourth fix for the day.

Hooked on the Bean beaconing for me to pull up and get a fix

If you are like we are, you build a relationship with your coffee girl. For some reason the baristas are pretty much all girls. You can pull up and she will already be making your drink, straws no straws, mints or no mints, 12, 16, or 20 ounce, two or four shots, whatever you get they will have it hot and ready, getting you out of the window as fast as possible. McDonald’s could learn a thing or two from these little ladies.

The coffee huts even have their own currency in the form of unique punch cards, so you don’t need cash every time. How considerate of them. You just hand them the money card, they punch it and pass it back. I wonder if this makes them sovereign? And if you work really hard, and buy lots of coffees, every 12th coffee you get a free one! That right there brings your cost per cup way down.

The Arctic Fox, my favorite stop on the way to church, to Kenai, or whenever I get in my car

But probably my favorite thing is the corniest thing, suprising eh? It is the names of these shacks. Let me share a few, Hooked on the Bean, Cool Beanz, Thanks a Latte, Java Junction, Hot Shots, Coffee Cats, Espresso Yourself, Jitters, Mocha Mutt, Motor Mocha, and they go on, a never-ending puns of bean bliss. So corny they are beautiful, much like pop art.

So until I drive by a small hut in Florida called “Manatee Mocha” I will always be ready to get back home and get a 20 ounce sugar free, white chocolate, americano. Wait a second…. I have a full punch card; a free one is coming! Coffee on me tomorrow! At least the first cup.

The fruits of my labor, the "free" cup of bliss.

2 responses

  1. elbrycen

    I laughed. I’m a barista in CA and it is my daily goal to make as many puns as i possibly can involving coffee. cool beans is going on my list.

    April 27, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    • Appreciate it. I myself enjoy puns, hence the post on local coffee shops. Thanks for checking in and commenting, it truly was cool beanz.

      April 28, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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