The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Cool Hand Cole and Bad Boy Ben vs. Jail Breaker Jerms

Pillow fights, finger guns, even Nerf guns are old school. Now sleep overs are ruled by Xbox and all out Airsoft war. Instead of scary stories and flashlights it is now laser sights and screams of war as tiny plastic bullets fly across the yard, rarely hitting their intended target. The combatants are all under 65 inches tall, but well protected in stylish glasses, heavy winter coats and gloves. Their strategies are antiquated and brazen, yelling and charging and then yelling and running away. There are screams of anger when time-outs are ignored for reloads, because when you are not ready those tiny hard rubber pellets sting a little, especially in the cold of winter.  Tactics are thrown out the window when, much like the Civil War, brother battles brother, friend battles friend all in the name of…. fun?

Now I know some people will tell me that I shouldn’t let my boys play games like this. That guns are not good, that pretending to shoot each other with real looking guns is not healthy. To them I say, at least they are getting exercise. Shoot, I wish we had these things when I was a kid. I played for hours with my finger, or a stick that looked something like a crippled gun with arthritis. The problem with those guns is that everyone could miraculously dodge those bullets. “You missed” ” No I didn’t” was 95% of the dialog  in the battles in our day. Now a days you can hear the scream of pain upon the sting of the rubber pellet, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you had a hit.

There is no blood, no serious injury, a little excitement, a lot of heart patter, and tons of fun. So other than the toys used, nothing has changed. The games are the same, the goals are the same. Instead of using pillows to pummel each other until their heads ache, they use little colorful rubber pellets to show their brotherly love. Instead of shooting at each other with fingers and sticks, they use plastic guns. Instead of arguing…. Well, some things will never change, no matter how advanced the technology gets.

For those of you not opposed to such things, here is a short video of the recent epic battle involving Cool Hand Cole, Jail Breaker Jerms, and Bad Boy Ben ( aka the screamer). I was going to put it to cool music, but I rather enjoy the sounds of a battle in the early afternoon.

3 responses

  1. Roy Smith

    I loved your story Tracy. Wonderful way with your words and creativity! These and other stories will be appreciated now and down the road, as the boys reflect on their youth!
    The video was a hoot, screaming and all….
    Great job boys!

    March 17, 2010 at 5:50 am

  2. Stephen

    Full auto combat, how cool. I would love having this kind of thing going on in my yard. When do you think they will figure out the truck will make a great armored tank?

    March 17, 2010 at 8:27 am

  3. tracy

    Roy I can’t take the credit for the wonderful writing…that’s my hubby. He is a very good writer. But the boys definitely have a good time when they are hurting each other…..I DO NOT understand it! tra

    March 17, 2010 at 5:19 pm

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