The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Ex-Pats Partying

Socializing together is very important for ex-pats in Costa Rica, as has become apparent to us this trip. In one week we have gone to two well attended fund-raisers. The first was here in Flamingo for a local private school. There we met many people from the community, people from the church, from the school, and just the area in general.

Dinner night at Angelina's

our transportation to many social events, Jane is a crazy driver though.

The night scene at the Haiti benefit

Tonight we went to another fund-raiser in Tamarindo, this time it was for Haiti. Again, all aspects of the community showed up for the concert, buffalo wings and company. The best thing about these get togethers is that they have great turnouts, they are cheap, and they are outside. It is a great way to meet people and feel part of the area.  There is a tight-knit community here, and they take advantage of outings such as these.

Haiti benefit

They even had kids activities, including the Pinata

post sunset listening to the live music ( I can never open my eyes in a self portrait)

more scenes from the concer

Oh, and we found time to go surfing once again, without instructors. This time we hit Playa Grande, where the people are fewer the waves are bigger and the surfing is better. But, the surfing is only better for better surfers, not so much us. I am happy to report that I truly really surfed a couple waves. I mean stand up, ride the wave jump off surfing. And even though I suffered many minor injuries, I believe I will surf again, dude!

I am a monkey, and I am going to get that coconut!

look out dude!

making it happen

Tracy and her friend Arenal, the same guy from last year

the obligatory sunset with a Guancaste tree in the foreground

Things we learned:

It takes more than one day for surf wounds to heal.

12 passenger rental buses can catch air if driven at high speeds over a large speed bump.

It only  costs about $2 to fix a flat tire, it only costs another $2 to fix that same flat again….

There are a lot of Americans living in Costa Rica, and they seek out other Americans.

2 responses

  1. shellibelly

    It’s so great to see how much fun you’re all having. Love the pics. It warms an Alaskan heart.

    Hey when you finally search for a house call HGTV. I’d love to see if you pic house #1, house #2 or house #3.

    January 29, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    • glenn

      yes, Shelli….I would love to be on International House Hunters! My favorite show on hgtv. Glad you enjoy the blog. Glenn loves to blog and it creates great memories for us and our kids can see what it is like here. 🙂 tra

      January 30, 2010 at 6:45 am

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