The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Tank Tops and Flip Flops ( and dew rags for one of us)

Home sweet home. We are back in Playa Flamingo, and it feels like coming home, the beach, the surf, the heat, the sun, the pool,the flip-flops and tank tops, and the peeling head, it is all so familiar and welcome. The drive down from San Jose took about 5 hours, with one stop for lunch along the way. It was a very pretty drive and much tamer than San Jose, although traffic laws are still mere suggestions, and mostly after thoughts.

some new scenes from out bananluna casita

A new papaya tree now prominent and just about ripe

The roads are filled with switchbacks and sodas. The switchbacks, gorgeous scenery and beautiful weather, combined with a 5-speed make me feel like I am in a T.V. commercial for a high-speed Mercedes. And, if I do say so myself, I drove like it, at times, at least in my mind. The sodas are local, very small outdoor restaurants, usually run out of someone’s house, and they litter the roadside. As you drive by you usually see 2-3 dark-skinned Ticos in jeans or cutoff shorts, and dimly colored shirts sitting at a table or bar eating what is likely to be pollo, rice and beans. If the soda is empty, than the owner / cook is usually sitting in a lounge chair in the front waiting for a patron.

scenes from Playa Flamingo beach

this one didn't make it.

We ended up back in Casita Bananluna, the same place we stayed last year, and it felt like walking back into home. Josh, Jane, Ara, and Mia were all on hand to great us. Little 3 year old Mia took to Tracy right away and hearing her talk made us miss our kids badly.

night scenes

another sunset

We spent the night walking the beach and watching the sunset, then sitting out by the pool watching the stars and the blood red moon set. As we watched the stars, two things occurred to me. I rarely ever get to just sit and look at the stars. Back home, when it is warm enough to watch the stars, they usually come out so late, that I cannot keep my old eyes open long enough to just gaze at them. In the winter, they are often out, and I usually pause walking into the house from the car to look at them. But then my ears turn into rock hard ice blocks after 30 seconds so I have to go inside. The second; I don’t think I have ever seen a moon set, and it was an exceptional sight. I hope to see many, many more of them.

the moon reflecting in the spa

bloody moon falling out of the sky

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