The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Then and Now

By nature I am not much of a worrier, I am a bit of a go- with -the- flow type of guy. Like all personality traits, this can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. At times it drives people crazy, but I don’t let that worry me. Besides, Matthew 6:34 says not to worry about tomorrow, and I always obey everything in the Bible ( ahem). In all seriousness, I have learned most problems are not worth worrying about, even though circumstances may say otherwise. 

But when it comes to my kids I do worry. I don’t worry about now, I worry about then. Now they are in our house, now we can try and mold them in they way I think they should live, now we can fulfill their needs, teach them, comfort them,discipline them and train them. We can fix their owies, tell them it will be alright, confirm that a nightmare is just a dream, and that we will always love them no matter what. Although we talk a lot about the stresses and hardships of every day life now, now is relatively easy.

What I worry about is then. Then they must make their own decisions, then they will be own their own, then they will most likely do some seriously stupid stuff that now we told them not to do then. They must choose their lifelong mate and they must choose wisely, they must provide for themselves, and hopefully for others. The then possibilities are endless and often exciting to ponder, but truth is there is a lot out there, and not all of it good. As much as I would love to protect them from the bad parts of then, I know I cannot, and that worries me. I often wonder, am I doing the right thing? Was I too harsh, too soft, too mushy, too manly, what in the world am I doing?


Pastor Brown praying before the baptism

Pastor Brown praying before the baptism

Kassie Baptism 048_360x480

sweet Kassie was a little nervous in front of everyone


But I take comfort from now, now when one decision is made and one act is publicly displayed, because after that all else pales in comparison. As long as they are true to that act and believe, then no matter what, they will eventually be more perfect than I can ever imagine. That act is their own personal salvation decision followed by a public act of baptism. As the astute of you have already ascertained, we just had another baptism in the family. This past Sunday Kassie decided it was time and she got baptised. That makes eight of the ten of us, and as with each one, it is the proudest, most satisfying and emotional now moment. There is no bigger decision they can make now that will have more of an impact on then. Besides if they really loved me they will want me to be able to live out my mantra of “no worries”, not just now but then.


Just before taking the big plunge

Just before taking the big plunge




Kassie post Baptism

Kassie post Baptism

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