The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

General Hospital

Another thing that others do not think about regarding those with a covey of kids is the hospital. Yes the hospital. You see the hospital gets to know your family very well. Lest you think it is just my maniacal wild family, well I guess it could be, but I doubt it, let it be known we know others who spend a lot of time at the hospital. Over the years we have had countless fevers, copious amounts of vomit, diarrhea ( just wanted to use that word in my blog) sore throats and more. We have also had several surgeries, stitches and more sprained ankles and knees than I care to recall ( hence my early retirement from the NBA the No-game basketball association). We have also had many more serious things such as broken bones, emergency surgery and more. Thus the hospital gets visited by the Godfrey ten almost as much as Walmart. We almost have paid for our own wing by now. Thus We are very thankful to have great insurance and a great hospital close by. 

So Mr. Glenn, why are you writing about hospitals? Well this past winter Dorian went snowboarding and hurt his toe. He didn’t talk about it much for a month or so, and then it really started hurting. It turns out he had an ingrown toenail and he aggravated it by wearing too small of boots. That was at least six Dr. Visits, due to infection, and one small procedure, removing a portion of the nail. The following pictures are not of the toe nail, but of his 2006 snow machine accident.


2006 Dorian in the hospital right after arm and femur surgery


Jake and Dorian, best buds

Jake and Dorian, best buds


Even with a broken wrist and femur he wouldn't miss fishing

Even with a broken wrist and femur he wouldn't miss fishing



Two days ago as I was waiting outside Ms. Vergine’s Dance Studio, where they have a parking spot named after me, one of my Ballerina Girl’s friends came out with her bag. She politely informed me that Alli had been injured, so I rushed in to her aid. Well maybe rush is too strong of word. Maybe I grunted and mumbled something rotten under my breath, but I did actually go in the building for the first time in eons. There she was helpless, moist eyes and limping. Being the super daddy I am I opened the door for her as she hobbled to the car. I did however carry her up the stairs at home.


Ballerina on crutches

Ballerina on crutches


Two days later another trip to the Doc. Dr. Innes informs us that surgery is imminent and necessary because her ACL, MTl, PTL, LOL, and AOL are all torn and need replacement. Needless to say Dr. Innes, who fixed Dorian’s broken bones, has worked his way onto our Christmas Card list once again. Perhaps he will be joining us for Thanksgiving Dinner as that is about when Alli will be done with her visits to his office.

Do not look at the below picture unless you like disgusting nasty jello looking stuff. You have been warned.



Please do not look at this if you have a weak stomach, or if you are a normal person.

Please do not look at this if you have a weak stomach, or if you are a normal person.

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