The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Spring Break

Having a large family has mas benefits. But it also has some downsides, as we have discussed in many past blogs, eating out, driving, traveling etc. Well we are experiencing another of those challenges. Picture bodies wrapped in blankets strewn amongst the living room floor,coughing, hacking, spewing, sweating, shivering, and you have visualized our current house. You see when a large family gets sick, everyone gets sick, and not all at once. No, that would be terrible, but what is more terrible, when they get sick in shifts because then the sickness lasts and lasts. That is what we are experiencing right now in this very house. We are getting sick in shifts and poor Tra has to keep the house all together, which is a plenty difficult task when we are healthy. Somehow she has been able to avoid what ails us all. 

I would have loved to enclose some pictures, but it is a little too depressing. So here we sit, waiting for the aches, fevers, and chills to dissipate so we can continue on with our spring break. Ahhh it’s great to be home.

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