The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Costa Rica Last Full Day Sailing take me away…… Christopher Cross

For those of you that know me very well, you would know that the above is my all time favorite song. Funny thing, I have never sailed in my life. Much like the horses, if it doesn’t require a key, I don’t usually drive / ride it. So today’s experience was a new one for me. Sailing , reminded me of the horseback riding, because without the sound of an engine, you can actually hear things. Things such as birds, the ocean slapping the hull, the whipping of the sails, and the captain say lunch time. Important things. 


View of our house from the boat

View of our house from the boat

We finally had our great cruise. But it was not without trepidation. With 5 minutes before we got underway, we loaded up the car to go. As I backed up, my keen sense of senselessness, alerted me that there was a slight problem with our Corolla. I jumped out, fearing a flat tire, and my fear was quickly realized. But I immediately saw a beautiful sight, only 4 lug nuts. I could whip this out quickly, and with Tra’s help we had it done in about 5 minutes. We threw everything in the trunk, and drove like a lifelong Ticos to get to the launch sight. As we pulled up, I saw our skiff pulling away, loaded. Once again we had missed our cruise! Was it not meant to be?

I saw a couple of Ticos and asked if they knew about the Lazy Lizard, our vessel of choice, and they said he was coming back to drop off one of his guys. It was true, and soon we were off on another adventure. 


Newlyweds, or newly refreshed enroute to paradise.

Newlyweds, or newly refreshed enroute to paradise.


On board we met our other 4 travelers, 2 from Minnesota and 2 from Ohio. The ride over to the snorkeling grounds was wonderful. Under sail, no engine, the wind whipping us to our destination. Once there, we eagerly jumped in to see what would await us in the water. The visibility was poor, maybe 5 feet, but the sea life was abundant. I used every picture in my disposable water proof camera on wrasse, puffers, octopus, electric blue , striped fish and more. I had no idea what I was taking pics of , but they were pretty fish, and I am sure a couple of them were edible.


So how long do I have to hold this????

So how long do I have to hold this????


As Tra explored the near by private and secluded beach, I continued to snorkel, stopping only to kayak with her, and catch my breath on the beach. I did encounter one angry jelly fish, and he gave me a nice stinger on my arm to let me know I was in his house. 


Tra kayaking back to the Lizard for some grub

Tra kayaking back to the Lizard for some grub




We finished the cruise watching the sunset from the Lazy Lizard, right out in front of our house. We completed the day with a nice meal at our new friends house, discussing the merits of living in Costa Rica.

It was a great great ending to a trip of a lifetime and we are so happy we got to share it with all of you. We are very excited to see our kids, but not too excited to see the snow. I will have a summary blog on the whole trip coming soon, until then…


Just a dream and the wind to carry me and soon I will be free…….

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