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Costa Rica Day 11 The boogie man!

Today was a day for boogie boarding. So back to Playa Grande we went, for the surf on our beach is nearly non-existent, great for swimming, not surfing. Picture a surf town you would see in a movie, very small buildings, very small community, lots of small bars and hostels, and some small surf type eateries except with 75% percent of the people habla espanol, y solomente espanol, and that is Playa Grande. Once there, we rented a boogie board, because you are never too old to boogie. I would have preferred more of an offshore wind, but I made do.


Tra showing me how it is done

Tra showing me how it is done

Now remember I have already conquered ( or survived) my guacho time. I have become a wildlife expert, so it is time for me to join the surf community, except I think I will do it on a boogie board. It’s basically the same thing right? You know, skis vs. snowboard, they both bring you down the mountain, they both bring you in on the surf. One small miscalculation, I am 41 years old, and my body doesn’t twist and turn like it used to. Therefore, when the power of the ocean wants my top to move one way and my bottom to move the other, well there’s a bit of a problem there. 

Tra working the surf

Tra working the surf

I did manage to get a few good boogies ( pretty sure that is the technical term) in before I pulled my left leg out of socket and bent it over my ear. At least that is what it felt like. Tra then hit the water and showed me how it was done, catching three waves in row. Maybe she should be giving the lessons at the local surf shop, Frijoles Loco. It was very fun day, with many hours spent in the sun, a fantastic sunset (again),  two hours cleaning our sand from every inch of our bodies,and a great dinner at Angelina’s here in Playa Flamingo. A nice simple day in paradise.

time to head out and catch another one

time to head out and catch another one


Catching the "big kahuna"

Catching the big Kahuna.


View back from the water

View back from the water on the packed beach

Packed beach

Packed beach


our dinner spot, it was very nice, great night breeze

our dinner spot, it was very nice, great night breeze



We had the whole beach pretty much to ourselves, figuring hard partying surfers don’t get up till after noon sometime (actually they get up at 5 am to catch the best waves), until a couple of local guys came to the beach with a blue soccer ball. Within 10 minutes , there were nearly 20 guys right in front of us playing a full fledged soccer game. Within the group I heard some Spanish, Italian, and possibly some French, or that could have been cursing. It was amazing what one little ball could do to an otherwise peaceful beach. Not that we minded, but we found it interesting that we had a 1 mile long beach with hardly anyone there, and the soccer game broke out right in front of our spot. Maybe I’m just upset they didn’t ask me to play, after all once I got my leg back into place I could have sat in goal.

2 responses

  1. Stephen

    Really enjoyed this blog update! What is the meaning of not updating today? You don’t realize that we who have no lives LIVE for the next installment! Please do not take this lightly as we are living vicariously through you here in the land of ice and snow. Now, we really need an update tomorrow.

    Thanks so much!

    March 3, 2009 at 9:35 pm

  2. Alli

    Hey, I noticed in the video, that a guy passed through the shot with his little blue soccer ball… hmm maybe they are really rude! I mean, no inviting the bald guy to play, then getting in front of the camera during the all important boogie board shot? Haha, well I’ll talk to you later! ❤

    March 5, 2009 at 2:19 pm

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