The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

It’s so close…..

It is so close I can taste it, and it tastes fruity. It is so close I can smell it, and it smells like coconut ( of course that could be because I just got out of the tanning bed). It is so close I can feel it, and it feels like warmth. It is so close I can see it, and it looks like heaven, and no I am not looking in a mirror, but thanks anyway. What is it? It is vacation and vacation is in Costa Rica! We leave home tomorrow and will be in Costa by Friday, and there we will stay for 17 days. 

I feel like a child at Christmas, you dare not think about it because the more you think about it, the farther away it seems. So until today I have not been thinking about it too much. But as I was making my “what to bring” and “what to do” lists, in honor of my bff Jason, I got the bug, and I am not talking about malaria. I am ready, ready to go. I love this town, our friends, my kids, my work all of it, but there comes a time when one just has to get away, an that time is now.

So for the next few days we will be traveling and I do not know when I will be able to blog again. But I promise to blog from Costa as much as I can, every day if possible. And I will include as many pictures as possible, preferably of me and Tra doing cool things, zip lines, hot springs, horsey riding, and snorkeling, fishing, snoozing by our pool. So be watching. Until then, I give you this video of a huge dead snake found in Costa. Even this does not deter me nor scare me, but I would love to get a video like this guy did. I think they said it ate monkeys, I say it ate apes. It certainly made Tra a wee bit nervous. Check it out.


It’s so close I can feel it!

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