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Time for something a little lighter; A Superbowl snack?

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I think it is time for a something a little lighter, so what is light? Snow, feathers, air…  how about popcorn. You see, I often think about family quirks, or “traditions” as some may call it,and I think we have many; one of ours is popcorn. Now I know everyone eats popcorn, but I don’t think they eat it like we eat it. We do not use the microwave popcorn, that would be sacrilegious. For us, popcorn is not just a food it is an event. It is part of our quirks that make us unique. We have nicknamed our corn, butter sponges, or butter mops, or butter kernels, you get the point. So let’s get into it shall we:

popcorn-020_640x480 popcorn-023_640x480

First the ingredients. These ingredients are crucial, a great thin metal popcorn popper, oil, two, yes two sticks of butter, salt, a spoon, and the most crucial, Tabasco sauce. You read that right. First you heat the oil, don’t put the corn in until it is hot. To do this, put three, and only three, kernels in the oil. When at least two of them pop, the oil is ready. Note, if you leave the lid open, like real men do, and wear a short sleeve shirt, be prepared to have and arm full of scars, and endure the smell of burning arm hair, not a great odor for popcorn night. I am a little wimpy here with my new long sleeve Duke shirt on.

popcorn-052_640x480 popcorn-078_640x480


While this going on, I melt the butter, all of it. Once the oil is hot enough, I add the popcorn, enough to fill the bottom of the popper and a couple of tablespoons of butter. More of a feeling than a measurement. Then it is time to prep the bowls, this is a crucial step. Use a spoon to spread some melted butter all over the inside of the bowls. Be generous, a lot of butter never killed anyone, at least not that same day. Then follow up with salt, again generous. 

popcorn-057_640x480 popcorn-064

By now it should be popping and you should be shaking or spinning or whatever your style is to make sure it is moving and not burning. When the lid blows off that hummer, then phase one is done. Now comes the crucial part, layering. You must first put a third of the popped corn into the bowl and spread it around the bowl, soaking up the butter and salt on the bowl. Then put in layer 2, using the spoon to spread butter and salt all over the corn. Then another layer and voila, the first batch is done. At this point, most if not all of the butter should be gone. In fact, many times I have to call an audible and melt another 1/2 stick of butter for the next step. 

popcorn-097_640x480 popcorn-111

Now comes the specialty part, the Tobasco. This part is not for the faint of heart, or those with heart problems. After spreading butter on both batches, Leave about 1/6 of the butter in the bottom of the melting pot. Then add Toabasco, and if adventurous, some Red Hot. How much? Well that is up to you and the level of your man hood / woman hood. I like mine to look dark red. Then take a portion of the popcorn, and using the same spoon, pour the red sauce over that portion stirring often. Not every piece will have the red sauce on it, but more than half, and you have done well.

popcorn-125_640x480 fixed-dad-eating-butter

It is hard to see in these photos, but you can see the red sauce being poured onto the corn. This is called Tabascorn, and it is heavenly. Especially near the very end of the bowl, when you can use the last smattering of kernels to soak up the red heavenly nectar. I would advise to have plenty of cold drinks around when participating in this event.


You know you have done it right if when you finish eating the paper towel you have been wiping your hands with would serve well as a window. I will warn you right now, it is very very addictive and you may have to join a program for help. None the less,  I hope you try this and popcorn night becomes a family quirk for you and your family. Now I have to go take my cholesterol medicine.

4 responses

  1. BradBrad

    I have learned so much. I am of the faint of heart however though, so I’ll be skipping the tabascorn this time around! Haha

    February 1, 2009 at 3:12 am

  2. Liz

    popcorn is a time honored tradition! i am an unreformed addict! wes is the guy who “doesn’t like popcorn” but will eat more than me at times, and pam does the microwave—which is like making steak in the microwave. i prefer the air popper. One movie night we had 7 kinds of popcorn going–regular butter and salt, butter and season salt, butter and siracha hot sauce,butter and tabasco kettle corn, and carmel corn…it was popcorn heaven.

    February 2, 2009 at 6:49 am

  3. Well it is great to have some popcorn aficionados out there. Brad, you need to live a little, try it with one of Scott’s bacon rolls. That will definitely make Kenai more entertaining for u. Liz, it sounds like you should have written the popcorn post. I am in awe of your popcorn prowess.

    February 2, 2009 at 7:28 am

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