The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

What to write about? How about you.

I thought quite a bit on what to pontificate on tonight, not that I have a shortage of topics, but what seemed to be most appropriate in these times, I never came up with an answer. In light of the recent transgessions upon our household, I have been trying to keep things light, not only for my sake, but for Tra’s sake as well. There seems to be quite a bit of strife going on around us right now, and not just our family, our friends families as well. Maybe it’s like when you a get a new car and then you notice how many people actually drive that car. It seemed like nobody had that car, and then you bought it and now everybody drives. They saw how good you and your family looked in it and then they had to go and get one. Those dirty scoundrels. Funny thing with us, I still don’t see much of the 4X4 15 passenger van running around town.


Uncle Brad and Auntie Jenna at Melting Pot North Carolina


NLAG cleaning crew with the sweet vests.


Perhaps that is what we are experiencing, we have turmoil in our life and then our eyes are open to all the turmoil around us, and there does not seem to be a shortage. I thought things were suppose to be better with our new Pres. Just kidding, don’t get offended, just a little joke. I don’t doubt that that is part of it, but I also truly believe that there are seasons of difficulities, seasons of testings, seasons of despair. It is all over in the Bible, look at Joseph, Job, Daniel, Noah, some brought on themselves, some did nothing apparent to cause it. Some of it focused on one, some focused on a family, tribe or nation. Could we be experiencing the same? It is possible, but I am not sure.

Angie belting one out.

Angie belting one out.


uncle and nephews

uncle and nephews


I am not sure which of these fit, nor do I think it matters. What matters is that our hope is not in this world. What matters is that we have a God who loves us, always, period. What matters is that he brings those into our lives,who, if we let them, can aid us through these times. Not usually with words, but with love, comfort, tears, and honest true compassion. What matters is that we are here for a reason, and if we walk in God’s word and in his desire, in the end it will be as it should.

december-2008-800_640x360 december-2008-pre-christmas-171_640x480


We are truly blessed to have this. We are blessed to have a strong family, a family that has survived numerous tragedies and has come out stronger through the other side. We are blessed to have true friends, friends who when they say “let me know if I can do anything” mean “anything”. Friends who pray, often harder for us than we do for ourselves. And a church to bring us all together. 

The last scragglers.  

The last scragglers.


Road trip! No dudes allowed.

Road trip! No dudes allowed.

So today I want to write to you out there in the blogesphere, those of you who take the time out of your day to read this drabble, those of you who appreciate us, and those we appreciate. I want to thank you all so much, it truly is a huge uplifiting to us, more than we can express. I know it seems we have been a bit introvert lately, but it is just us getting grounded again before facing everything full force. We appreciate the space and time you have allowed us, and we love you and know you really, really want to help. There may come a time soon when we will need that help, and we will let you know.

A sad day for KNLAG

A sad day for KNLAG

Beauty pagent, you're all winners in my book.

Beauty pagent, you're all winners in my book.

A truly motley crew.

A truly motley crew.

So in honor of you I have spent hours digging through some old files on my computer to find some of your finest moments, I hope you enjoy them. 

picture-229_640x480 picture-233_640x4801

dsc04693_640x480 picture-234_640x480


dsc00122_640x480 dsc00121_360x480




Grandpa Gugel at 91.

Grandpa Gugel at 91.

 I know this seems mushy, again, but I think it is Niki’s fault. She had a very introspective blog the other day and it made me introspect. I think we need Ty to blog about his Rhino some more, lighten things up. Or even better, maybe he can blog about his ballet days, with photos included of course.

7 responses

  1. kim

    @ Cor. 11 and 12…..For when I am weak then I am strong. We just talked about this a few weeks ago and thought it would interest you. Praying for your family 🙂

    heres a link to where you can hear the whole sermon its under upside down part 2 i think youll really like it! have a good week!

    January 26, 2009 at 4:15 am

    • Thanks Liz. I am very glad you enjoy it. I have my next one in the que, but I have to decide whether to post it or not. It is pretty gut wrenching, and I have to preserve a little of my masculinity. I will let Tra make the call.

      January 26, 2009 at 6:00 pm

  2. Thanks Kim. We appreciate having a new friend out there and we can never have too many prayers.

    January 26, 2009 at 2:09 pm

  3. Liz

    I love your blog, your writing shows so much emotion, it always bring me a smile, full gut laugh, or full on blubbery tears!
    Thanks for giving me something to read everyday in my cold little coffee shack.
    Your family is in our prayers.
    Love you all!!!
    ❤ Liz

    January 26, 2009 at 5:50 pm

  4. jenna

    Hey Glenny-

    What great posts, making me laugh and cry. Well almost cry, us Godfrey’s are not the most emotional bunch.
    Thanks for the Melting Pot shot (well sorta) =) good times!
    Still praying
    In response to your reply above what masulinity =)
    Yeah I can say it it’s to open of a door for a sister not to walk through!

    January 27, 2009 at 1:08 am

    • Seeing that you are pregnant, I won’t make any comments about how big I made that door 🙂

      January 27, 2009 at 1:24 am

  5. jenna

    Ha I laughed a good one, which caused me to jolt my body, which made my back pain intensive, the result was me rising from sitting position as if I was 80 only to realize I need to go potty. Yes I am pregnant in currently in need or a wide door, thanks for reminding me and for the laugh =)

    January 28, 2009 at 1:11 am

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