The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

Tracy has been shaking and baking, cleaning , rearranging, decorating, caroling, wrapping, clapping ( it fit) and snapping (it fit again). She has transformed our abode into a veritable winter wonderland. As usual it looks like it could be in a fine magazine, like Fish Alaska; they don’t get any finer than that. Seriously though, she works very hard at transforming our house to give us the true Christmas spirit. Which in our house consists of kids wishing out loud, over and over and over again for their favorite gifts. Even Marlee Matlin in a Chuck E. Cheese would know what our kids want for Christmas, especially if she is sitting next to Jeremy. And those of you following the blog, also know. 

The trick is making sure we match the right present with the right kid. For instance, Dorian or Jeremy probably would not be to keen when they open up a pink frilly tutu Christmas morning. And Alli probably would throw Legos at  if she opened themup. There is nothing like the love of your teenage daughter. So you see, the trick isn’t in the gift, it is in the delivery. One great tradition in our house, we don’t open presents until a little later in the morning. And… no one is allowed upstairs until dad has coffee brewing and ready to roll the video that will never ever be watched again. Why is it great? Duh, we get to sleep in!! Now that is a Christmas gift worth bragging about! Now onto some photos.






This ought to give you a taste of what the house looks like before it turns into a seething mass of cheap wrapping paper, endless wire tires, batteries, trash bags and Scotch tape. But mostly it will be a mess of happiness, love,cheer, thank-fullness and hopefully a little kindness. We hope each and every one of you have a blessed Christmas. God Bless and Merry Christmas from the akgodfreys.

OUR CHRISTMAS LETTER IS ON THE TAB ON THE TOP LABELED “2009 CHRISTMAS LETTER”  I know it is not 2009… it is a long, disturbing boring story, so I will spare you.

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