The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Surprise Guest Star

I am still a little star struck. I couldn’t believe my luck, this week we had an actual guest star visit the Godfrey house. She is well known, especially around these parts. These parts being mostly our church, but none the less. Her work can be seen on a rival network, (there is a link to the right ). You guessed it, it was Nya Schemanski herself.



Let me tell you, her work is awe inspiring. Immediately I could tell she was a professional, because from the moment I picked up my camera to see if I could sneak a few shots of her, she started saying “cheese” with no prompting. Accompianed with this cheese, was the true smile of a professional photog. She knew how to work the camera, of that there can be no doubt. 


A good chili eating outfit. I have the same one.


She was mobbed all night long by the kids of the house, obviously happy to have a celebrity of her status in our own home. You can tell she is a celeb because she refers to herself in the third person, “Nya’s turn” “Nya’s thirsty” “Nya’s jello” definitely stuck up, but since she is so cute, and a star, she can get away with it. 

Nya and  Kassie playing "mess up the house" a newer version of house.

Nya and Kassie playing "mess up the house" a newer version of house.


Once she was done with the chili outfit, it was time to go out.

Once she was done with the chili outfit, it was time to go out.


She was definitely hip, as she refered to me as “daddy” just like the jazz stars. I convinced her to call me uncle Glenn, but that turned into Levi, her true uncle. Finally she decided to call me by my name, Gwen. I always liked the name Gwen, it is so masculine. 

Uncle Gwen cooking up a storm!

Uncle Gwen cooking up a storm!

"and in the morning momma looks like....

"and in the morning momma looks like....

Where is my chauffer? She is late!

Where is my chauffeur? She is late!

Sadly she had to leave us at the end of the night when her chauffeur showed up. Just prior to leaving she said something to the effect of going home to “pway wif daddy’s new webel in the pahdy.” I don’t know what that meant, but whatever it is, I am sure daddy will be pleased. She will always be welcome back to “hang”.

Here is a short video of her visit. 

4 responses

  1. Ok so I started out crying because I was laughing so hard at the commentary below the pics (mainly the “mommy looks like this” comment) but then got choked up after watching the little video and seeing “the decorations haven’t been touched since” part. It overwhelms me how blessed I am to have friends who love our kids enough to take pics and videos of them!… not to mention posting a special blog just about them! … my goodness, I really am choked up ~ thanks for bringing out my ever-increasing emotional side, Glen… and for being the best uncle Gwen ever. Tonight when I asked Nya what she wanted to pray for she said “JoJo’s daddy and Uncle Gwen”, so we did 🙂 So just know that you’re being thought about by the “not quite 2-year old” even when you’d least expect it.

    December 18, 2008 at 6:16 am

    • Well I appreciate the pers (JoJo’s one syllable version of prayers, she does that to a lot of words) I can always use em and you can never have enough of em. I am really glad you liked the “momma” one. We are blessed to have several friends that don’t mind being teased a little (says the man with few follicles). Your family is welcome over anytime and Nya was no trouble at all. She fit in just like peas N carrots, or as we say in the village, just like muktuk and seal oil (google it). She was great and the kids really loved her. She really did say cheese as soon as I brought the camera up to eye level, I am not too sure, but I don’t think they are born with that.

      December 18, 2008 at 6:34 am

  2. Ty

    So, when do the parents of celebrity kids start seeing all the money?

    Your kids are awesome! It’s amazing that you’re able to get them all in one picture without fighting, let alone all smiling. It makes me warm and fuzzy to know that Uncew Gwen and kids take such good care of my “A-List” celebrity!

    December 18, 2008 at 6:30 am

    • You didn’t get the check? I sent it home with Nya. That’s odd!

      December 18, 2008 at 6:35 am

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