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Bethel to Dutch in a Caddy? Really, in a Caddy?

I wasn’t going to post until tomorrow, but I had to share something with you. As I was driving tonight to pick up Alli from dance ( incidentally the third time at that blasted studio today) I was listening to the radio and one of them quirky fun filled 60 second spots came on. You know the ones, they tell a cute or interesting story about a person, animal, or place, like a mini Paul Harvey story. I have gathered much knowledge from those 60 second spots over the years. Perhaps most of it useless, but knowledge none the less.

Well tonight I was listening and I turned it up because they were talking about Alaska. The female host told the audience they may have heard of Dutch Harbor due to the Deadliest Catch show. She went on to say that an entrepreneur had purchased a Cadillac Limo, the first in Dutch. To get it to Dutch he had it shipped somewhere closer…. Bethel. I almost drove off the road at that point, “Did she say Bethel?” Who ships anything to Bethel to get it closer to anywhere. Then she went on.. he then drove the car through communities with high employment rates to Dutch. Now, for those of you that do not live here, Dutch Harbor is in the Aleutian chain. The Aleutian chain is a chain of Islands, and it is nowhere near Bethel. And, furthermore, the only way to get to Dutch is by plane or boat, usually out of Homer or Anchorage etc. Not Bethel; Bethel is not even on the coast, it is on the Kuskokwim river. And they reported all this as fact. You cannot drive to or from Bethel, unless you drive on the Kuskokwim river when it is frozen in the winter, and most people use snow-machines or four wheel drive. 


After hearing this, the rest of the story did not make sense, and instead of making me feel good like it was intended to do, I started to question all the useless knowledge I had garnered over the years. So now does that mean my planned drive from Kaui to Maui is off? I hope not cause that lady on the radio said it is very scenic.

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  1. Ty

    LOL! Wow, that’s really sad. It’s almost like they just wanted to use Alaska so they picked up a state almanac and picked two obscure cites from the index… Let me know about the drive from Kauai to Maui, I’d love to make it also!

    December 13, 2008 at 8:19 am

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