The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Charles E Fromage

During our wonderful family vacation to Anchorage Alaska, the center of all Alaska’s activity, or South Seattle as some call it, we had a chance to do some fine dining. Now this is a rare occasion for the Godfrey 10 simply because we are the Godfrey 10 and most fine dining places do not have seating for 2 adults and 8 wonderful, well manered, still sitting offspring. I would like to sue for discrimination, but I don’t believe in that sort of thing. But finally we found a place. A place that has recently been remodeled, that has live entertainment, and interactive dining experience, security, and waiters and waitresses by the dozens. It was pure heaven. It is called Charles E. Fromage, or the locals call it Chuck E Cheese.

Now the beauty of this place is that the kids can run around like maniacs spending all my money and have the time of their lives.  We can sit back and eat a sub par salad bar and carboard pizza, or a sandwich and some wingys without worrying about the kids being too noisy. In fact, I believe it would be impossible to be too noisy beacause after about 10 minutes of dining there, you are legally deaf. The best part is that when you enter the give you a super secret code number assigned to only you and your family. This number is only visible to the 85 year old lady manning the podium at the entrance. If you try to escape through the podium, or under the super secure theatre like red rope fence, then the 85 year old female security lady will karate chop you to save the child you are trying to steal. The security is highly technical and infinitely secure. It did make me nervous thinking we may be taking the mark of the beast, the beast being one Charles E. Fromage. None-the-less, we succumbed to the peer pressure and other than occasional bleeding from our ears due to the peircing scream of an 8 year old that just wen 16 tickets, there were no ill effects. 


Jo on the most real horse she will ever ride. chuck-e-6

Jo on the most real horse she will ever ride, and I wish I could say she was posing with the most real mouse she will ever see, but that’s already been disproven.


did I fail to mention why we ate at Charles E. Fromage? It was Jake’ birthday and his first choice McDonalds’, he was skillfully talked out of.


The man of the hour, spending tokens like there’s no tomorrow.


We were fortunate to secure three booths for our party. You can see the lovely salad bar in the background, and the tasteful ice cream vending machine. It is the newest trend in all high end restaurants. 


Livy,  chowing down in front of Alli and Dorian.


Uncle Brad, Jase and Kalli actually look like they are having fun. Uncle Brad always has fun.


Daaaaaaddddyyyyyyyyy, I just won 2 tickets! YYYYaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! bleeding ears ensue.

chuck-e-4 Jo on the most real horse she will ever ride.

Cousin Jase contemplating how many points to go for on skeetball, and Jo back on that darn horse. She best not get any ideas!

Jo on the most real horse she will ever ride.



chuck-e-8The birthday boy and his beautiful momma. Memories that will last….. at least till next week when he says ” I never get to do anyfing fun!” I’m bored, I need somesing to do.”

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