The life and times of the Godfrey ten.


All right, let me make this clear right now, G.A.S has nothing to do with bodily functions after Thanksgiving. G.A.S stands for the Great Alaska Shootout, or as it was called this year, the Good Alaska Shootout. You see, in the past we had teams like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina need I go on? All of these teams are former multiple NCAA champs. This year, Seattle U., Portland State, Northern Illinois, and the eventual champs of the year San Diego State University. General rule of thumb, The more words you have after your state name in your school, the inverse to your success as a basketball program. Of course their are always exceptions, but as a general rule it applies. That being said, there were some great games this year, and the UAA girls won their tournament. 

alli-jerms-21Alli & Jeremy in between games

Why you ask is he talking about the stinking shootout? Because, as long as I can remember, I have spent much of my Thanksgiving break at the G.A.S., and now the tradition is being passed on to my kids. If I recall correctly, which is doubtful, I used to sit still and study players and plays and watch every game with great intensity. Now, my kids like to eat, walk, talk, and just hang out at the Sullivan Arena. Not a lot of game watching going on. But I don’t mind at all. The boys fish for autographs pretty much every year, and I am pretty sure they have about 16 water boy autographs, along with some NBA players, hard to tell which is which though. I have some pics I took with my phone at the games, so they are not up to my usual National Geographic quality, for that I apologize, but I worked with the tools that I had. And remember, next time you hear me talk about gas, you now know I am talking about the shootout, especially around Thanksgiving.


cousin Josh, Hunter and Jeremy posing, and not well. Action shot of posers, cousins Hunter and Sam guard Jeremy.


Uncle Brad is always popular at the shootout. Dad, not so much. It looks like Jeremy is going to bug out of the picture.


As I post these, it occurs to me that I didn’t get any action shots of the players. Oh well these are the ones that really matter anyway. 


If you look in the background, past the three amigos, you can see uncle Mort and Sonya and their son Chris.

All in all the shootout is as much a part of Thanksgiving as the turkey for our family. I find as I get older, those nice comfy plastic seats aren’t quite as comfy anymore. Still I go and I watch, watch basketball, people and the kids. I thoroughly enjoy watching the kids cruise the Sully looking for autographs, food and eventually girls. I believe, as they were for me, these are things that will make up the memorable moments in their lives. Moments that they will recall for the rest of their lives; when the smell of an old hot dog waifs by their nose, or they hear the din of basketballs in the distance, or they hear the “Who let the dogs out song” ( which is played repeatedly throughout the tournament) they will smile and recall the good times with dad spent at the  shooutout, and recall how they sat intently watching studying the players, the plays and the game of basketball, and hopefully they will impart this to their kids.

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