The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Is it still considered a laptop?

Well I haven’t posted in a while. I am experiencing a little bit of laptop issues. As many of you may know, we traditionally spend Thanksgiving at my Mom’s in Eagle River. This always, without exception, involves a copious amount of food, including 12 different pies. Well I feel most obligated to try all 12 pies, so I did, except the cherry pie, not a huge fan of the cherry pie. So that brings me back to my laptop issue, no I didn’t spill the cherry pie on my laptop, but close. The eating of a dozen pies has an adverse effect on ones belly, consequently the belly enlarges and pushes the laptop away from the lap and onto the knees. So my laptop has now become a kneetop, and hard to reach with my stubby arms. So I am writing to you from my kneetop. It is much slower and tedious, but for the faithful readers it is well worth it.


More pies

More Pies - Notice we weren't too excited to dig in right after the main course.

We had a great Thanksgiving, lots of food, family, friends and fellowship. Jake had his birthday the day after Thanksgiving, aka black Friday. I told him they didn’t name it after him, but you know how impressionable kids are. I pray he doesn’t get a complex. 


an after main course shot with the infamous cranberry salad in the forefront. Notice not much is missing from the salad, that is the tradition of the infamous cranberry salad. ( I might eat some if there wasn’t celery in it)


Mort, Chris, Sonya, Jenna, Brad, (Glenn’s chair) Tracy, Laura, Sean discussing whether or not we should break out the pies.


Kids table with 1/2 the kids eating.

One new guest we had this year was the pie Nazi. Usually it is tradition for us to eat pie the night prior to Thanksgiving, and for breakfast the morning of. However, the pie Nazi showed up this year, I won’t name names, but her initials are TMG and she has 8 kids. The pie Nazi wouldn’t let me have the traditional early pieces of pie, so a conflict ensued and I lost. However, if you look closely at the pie pictures, you will notice some pieces missing. The freedom fighters, the Mortenson’s, were able to secure some pre-Thanksgiving pie thus keeping the tradition alive. I will always be grateful for their sacrifice. 

So we are alive and well and we had a great Thanksgiving, and we pray you did the same. I will post some more of our excellent adventures throughout the week as I am going to be stuck in Anchorage all week for training. Oh, btw, only 27 days left until Christmas.

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