The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

This is how we rolled.

For those of you unfortunate enough to be a friend of ours on facebook, you have had to endure a bounty of 80’s pictures recently. The 80’s were a very special era for Tracy and I. We met in the 80’s, we dated in the 80’s, we got married in the 80’s, I had a mullet in the 80’s and we had some sweet duds in the 80’s. So looking through the photos I saw some pics of our old cars. If you remember I did a post on the Godfrey Bus, the 15- Passenger van we like to call our home on wheels. Well prior to that we went through a few vehicles, so I decided to share some pics of them with you. Now mind you, I haven’t found pics of all our past rides, so these are just a few of the classics. 




Ok, so this is actually high school, my Chevy S-10 Maxi Cab, Cherry Red. This was a nice truck, we bought it brand new and the back seats faced each other. It was always fun when my friends would fight over who got to sit in front. Not cuz they loved me so much like I thought, but because they hated having their knees touching all the time in the back. This thing was two wheel drive and terrible in the snow. I don’t know how many times I got it stuck but enough to pay for the 4-wheel drive upgrade for sure. Still a fun truck for a high schooler. Next to me is Matt Tarbox, one of my best friends. Nine out of ten times when you looked in the truck this is what you would see, me and Matt, and perhaps some rap music. Yes, rap music. I am a recovering addict, so the first step is to admit I had a problem. 


Firebird  Tra and Firebird


This was my custom Pontiac Firebird, AKA KIT. This was the first car I ever bought on my own. What makes it custom you ask. Well first of all the tinted windows, duh. Second, if you look closely, the lights in the front are are the blinking kind, they open and close. Well notice that both these shots are in the daytime and the lights are up. That’s custom baby. Those lights never went down. You can’t buy em like that, you have to customize em that way by breaking the lights. The bad part is they really like to catch bugs when they stay up. Oh well, to be one of a kind you gotta sacrifice a little. The best thing that ever happened to this car is when the catalytic converter went bad, and I had it welded straight through. Talk about power! Talk about pollution! Talk about illegal!


This was probably my all time favorite car, my 1986 Toyota Supra. This car was very fast and very heavy. I went faster than any other time, on the ground, in this car. Don’t ask don’t tell. The bad thing, it was prone to getting in wrecks for some reason. My brother wrecked it, I wrecked it, and I think someone else wrecked it. The good news, every time it got wrecked, I made some more custom changes. I added a spoiler which is crucial to the overall performance of the vehicle, tinted windows an more. This is the first car for which I found it an absolute requirement to wear driving gloves when I was driving it. I wish I was joking about that.  

After one of the wrecks

After one of the wrecks

This was after the worst wreck, and believe it or not, it wasn’t my fault! The driving gloves obviously helped my reaction time. The good thing was that it was a heavy heavy car. I hit a 79 Oldsmobile that ran a red light and I was going about 35 and this is all the damage I got. The Olds was another story. It was smashed to pieces, but no one got hurt. The really bad news is that the guy was a perennial violator with no license and no insurance, good times right there. 

Tra in her Sidekick

Tra in her Sidekick 89? Daytona Beach

This was Tra’s Sidekick that I bought her for Valentine’s Day. Well, actually I bought it for her after Valentines Day because I forgot about Valentine’s Day, or maybe it was her birthday. It was one of those bonehead things I did in our first year of marriage. I was a real Romeo. Anyway, this was her present. What a powerhouse it was. I drove it from Missouri to Alaska and kept it pegged, literally, through Montana due to their lack of a speed limit. It topped out at 80 mph. Not 180, 80 mph. It was a long long trip. But hey, it was reliable and got me and the dog there in one piece. I kind of wish we still had it, it got almost 30 mpg, but back then who cared about mpg? It was all about looking good. 

At house

At house

This is the rig with a new top parked in our house in Springfield MO. We had to sell it prior to our drive back up to AK. Notice the sweet hoop in the driveway. There were may a viscous chocolate thunder dunks reigned down on that hoop over the years. Well that is enough for today. I will dig up some pics of our rides as our family grew. I noticed we started to buy vehicles not based on what we liked, but based on what was practical, what fit us. The cooleness factor faded quickly, as quick as my hairline. Nuff said.

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