The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Today is a very special day.

Today is a very special day in the Godfrey household, it is Dorian’s birthday and Jake’s adoption day. Dorian and Jake are both from the same birth mom and they are room mates, so they are tight. They have a lot of the same quirks and nuances. What is an adoption day you ask? Well we decided early on to celebrate each kids official adoption day, the day they legally became a Godfrey. We found out quickly that we had to tone down the “celebration” as we were becoming overwhelmed between birthdays, adoption days, anniversaries, relative holidays, etc. etc. etc. So it has micro evolved into – they get to pick out the meals for the day, which is always exciting; and they get to pick  one present for themselves. 

Dorian and traditional bday sign

The astute of you will be asking, “what about Ben?” Well that was another unintended consequence. Ben felt left out so we invented conception day. Yeah classy I know. We didn’t actually chose a day, we let him choose the day. Of course he started asking questions so the name micro evolved to his “special day”. 


So today for breakfast we had homemade cinnamon rolls made by yours truly. It took me quite a while to open up that stupid cardboard roll and grease the pan, pre-heat the oven and lay them out just perfectly. Then I had to spread the canned frosting all over them, except that Alli decided that two whole cans should go on her and Dorian’s 4 rolls. It was tough work for sure. But the sacrifice was well worth it for two of my most special boys.



Lunch was picked by Dorian and it was Subway. That is my son, not McDonalds, nor Arby’s nor any grease pit, he wants Subway. I don’t mind Subway, what I don’t like is being in line, getting to the “take your order lady” and saying ” I need six foot-longs on wheat and two kids packs”. Their eyes get as big as the ham slices they put on the subs, and I always hear a chorus of groans from the peanut gallery in line behind me. Little do they know that four of the subs have nothing but turkey, white American cheese and olives on them. Still, I always end up giving the sheepish grin to the 14 year old with a pierced nose and lip, like I am the one causing all their days trouble. It is even more fun to do it 3 minutes before they close, as we used to do on Sunday 2 for 1 night. Anyway you are not here to take the burden of my yok, so I apologize. 

For dinner the boys choose hamburgers, on the grill, in windy snowy weather, so guess who gets to cook? You guessed it mommy! Too cold for me. I’m glad she didn’t break my grill. It was very good, simple but delightful, my favorite kind of meal. So now the question, what did Jake pick for his present? Well if you look at the pictures closely enough you may be able to figure it out all by yourself. Although Tracy tried her hardest to talk him out of it, and after he changed is mind 23 times, much like Dorian, he settled on this lovely ensemble. Not even Darth Vader, or Luke or Obi, but a stinking storm trooper. I always hoped he would aspire for so much more. Oh well, we are very proud of him as long he is doing what he loves the most. Oh, btw, the helmet talks, it really sounds like a Storm trooper, super cool. Not that he lets me play with it. 

Use the Force Jake.

Use the Force Jake.

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