The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

That’s the night that the lights went out in Sterling…

I remember as a child on of the most exciting nights was the night without p’wer ( I like to say it the old southern gospel way, in homage to my father-in-law). Those nights were nights of intrigue and adventure, a slight bit of terror and a touch of trepidation. It usually induced a night of story telling and hide and go seek, often laced with screams and the gold flickering glow of candles on the ceiling. Why doth I reminisce you may ask?

candles on the counter

Well we came home from church Sunday night and lo and behold our p’wer was out. Oh, and late November on a cloudy night in Sterling Alaska = NO LIGHT! Not a lick nor flicker, nor star nor moon nor neighbors light, because theirs was out as well. So entry into our house was treacherous, until daddy, aka MacGyver Jr., whipped out his Blackberry and used it to light the way up the stairs to the promised land, the candle / battery drawer. Ingenious if I do say so myself ( or as Alli said as well)

Step # 2, find all the candles. This is not difficult in my house. Tracy is a bit of a candle collector, so therefore we were able to get 332 candles lit throughout the house. Unfortunately it takes 338 candles to light up our whole house. Now as you can probably ascertain most candle collectors collect candles that emit a lovely scent, a scent that is aromatic or spicy, or fruity or woodsy or vanillay etc. However, when you light 300 of them all at once you get a a little bit of a different smell, more of a flowery forest with vanilla and apple trees on fire. A very relaxing warm homey smell.

Mom lighting candles

Mom lighting candles

Step # 3, fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout the house. This is not only due to the candles, but also because when we light candles during a blackout, we tend to have a myriad of volunteers. Volunteers that cannot remember that clean clothes do not go in the hamper, toilets need be flushed after use, especially after….., lights should be turned off when leaving a room, and volunteers that choose to wipe spaghetti sauce from their mouth with the white sleeve of their dress shirt. With volunteers like that, you do not want to test fate nor fire.

Step #4. Enjoy. No noise, no lights, no distractions; just the calming screeching and yelling of children running and stomping, possibly cracking the floor joists, as they frolick about playing hide and seek or ghost in the flickering peaceful candle light. The simple pleasures enjoyed by the founders of our great nation.

Ahhh to have no power. I often wish we could live without power, except for heat……, cooking…..,….. lights, tv…., dvd player…., mp3 player, and of course my computers for blogging and stocks. Other than that, no power. What paradise that would be. Will you join us?

Kids in the candle light

Kids in the candle light

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