The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Obama Nation ( say it fast 3X)

Well it happened, the unthinkable, unfathomable, undesirable, we have a new president elect. What does that mean for our country, our state, our house? I have ideas and they are not pleasant. I hope that I am wrong, I hope that there is not much change, but I have a feeling it could be a very difficult season for many of us. What can we do? We can pray, pray for our country, our state and our house. We can persevere and hang on and know that there is a greater plan, a plan we could not imagine. A plan that we know the outcome. If your hope is not in this world, then you can be depressed and sad, as I am, but you cannot be without hope or without faith.

I know that long term all will be as it should be, short term we will be in some stormy seas. I spent many years on boats commercial fishing in the Kodiak area and patrolling the Bering Sea. One thing is for sure, when it is rough, when you cannot hear your own voice because the wind is thundering through your ear canal; when you cannot see the top of the next wave because your boat has fallen into a valley of green foam water; when you cannot see because the spray of the ocean is blinding you like a sheet of ice water pelting your skin as thousands of tiny needles, you have hope and you have faith. Faith that you will crest the current wave and gently ride the next wave down. Faith that the wind will eventually die down, faith that the sea will calm, faith that you will safely reach your destination. And when it does eventually calm down, it is as if you are in the most peaceful place on earth. When the raging storm subsides, and the seas are calm, when you can hear the engines are humming in a constant steady calming rhythm, when you can see the sun rising above the edge of the ocean painting the dissipating clouds in a promising crimson glow, when you are at peace in a place that feels like the beginning of time, then you know that you will reach your destination. You know that your diligence in maintaining your vessel, training your crew and steady navigation will pay off. That, to me is faith, and that is what will keep me going. So in the meantime, let’s be diligent in our maintenance, make sure we have a great crew, and keep the navigation steady and have some fun.

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